Trade Fighter Gamifies Crypto Price Prediction With A 97% Profit Potential

Trade Fighter Gamifies Crypto Price Prediction With A 97% Profit Potential
Photo by Pawel Kadysz / Unsplash

Trade Fighter is excited to announce its unique approach to gaining crypto market exposure. Its proprietary smart contracts allow for up to 97% profit within 30 seconds. Additionally, users can gain exposure to Bitcoin or Ethereum by using Binance Coin (BNB) as their collateral.

Cryptocurrency markets are desirable for speculative purposes. Trade Fighter acknowledges the desire by people to go long or short on Bitcoin or Ethereum in a convenient manner. By preceding the need to create an account, users can gain exposure directly from their wallets. It is a very streamlined approach that benefits those who think they can predict short-term market momentum for the leading crypto assets.

The short-term momentum of crypto markets can make users of Trade Fighter a profit of 97%. Guessing right means rewards will be paid out to one's wallet directly. Making the wrong prediction can result in losing all funds. However, there is a minimum threshold of $1 and a maximum deposit limit of $200. Despite these low limits, Trade Fighter users should never spend money they cannot afford to lose.

Whether you are a bull or a bear, Trade Fighter offers something for everyone. Users can determine the length of their price prediction: 30 seconds, one minute, five minutes up to 24 hrs. Of course, a lot can happen in those shorter periods, but users can make good money by using Trade Fighter's technology and features. Moreover, the 97% profit is a guaranteed and fixed number, creating a healthy incentive for users who want to wager on Bitcoin, Ethereum or other future asset price direction.

Trade Fighter has a native token, called TDF. As a utility token, it is the catalyst for predicting on the platform. Moreover, all gains will be paid out in TDF tokens to the user directly. In addition TDF lets users become liquidity providers on TDFSwap and Pancakeswap. Users who own several TDF tokens can access the platform's non-fungible tokens (NFTS), granting access to upcoming airdrops and new features coming to the platform.

As a prediction market for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other soon to be added crypto assets, Trade Fighter positions itself as an approachable platform for both experienced and novice traders. Gamifying the concept of predicting future price moves is an excellent way to make this industry more accessible. Moreover, the forthcoming introduction of non-fungible tokens is something to look forward to. Competitions and airdrops are coming to the platform in August of 2021, as is the planned TDF character NFT release illustrated by renowned manga artist Chihiro Tamaki.

About Trade Fighter

TRADE FIGHTER is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). All you have to do is connect your wallet, deposit your desired amount in BNB, choose if you are a BULL (means you are predicting the price to go up) or BEAR (means you are predicting the price to go down), select the time frame of your prediction e.g.30 secs – 1 minute – 5 minutes all the way to 24hrs  and that is all you need to do to GET RICH and hopefully not GET REKT.

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