UMAY - a much-needed solution to the most pressing issues of DeFi

UMAY - a much-needed solution to the most pressing issues of DeFi
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While the advantages of decentralized finance are undeniable, there are still a lot of issues in the industry, ranging from annoying to crucial. And one of the most pressing ones is the issue of fragmentation. Currently, the DeFi space looks like an archipelago: lots of dispersed 'islands'. No single platform provides a full spectrum of DeFi services, especially when it comes to investments and launching projects. And there are no technical limitations that force fragmentation - it all comes to business practices adopted in the DeFi communities. But UMAY breaks this paradigm.

UMAY is not just another IDO solution - it is a diverse ecosystem that offers a full spectrum of financial services to individual users and startups and even combines blockchain and 'real world' businesses. So it is definitely worth a closer look. Let's check it out.

UMAY and blockchain

UMAY is a fully decentralized ecosystem that runs in multiple blockchain networks at once, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Cardano, Tezos, and Polychain. Moreover, more blockchain networks can be integrated into the UMAY ecosystem.

A token that fuels its system

UMAY token is the 'blood' of the ecosystem. Investments are made in this asset, stakers receive their rewards in UMAY, IDOs require UMAY to participate, and off-chain partners benefit UMAY holders.

As a great plus, a 20% discount is accessible for UMAY holders and their transactions made within the system.

Privacy is a top priority

One of the key defining features of the UMAY ecosystem is its strict adherence to privacy. There is no KYC required for individuals: you can invest and earn as much as you wish.

Only startups raising money on the platform have to pass verification to prevent fraud.

Launchpad to make new startups soar

UMAY Launchpad is a keystone component of the UMAY ecosystem. It is a multichain platform where DeFi startups can raise funds, and users can invest their UMAY tokens and earn hefty interest. The launchpad also ensures a low threshold for guaranteed allocations.

DeFi startups that are allowed to launch an IDO are carefully curated. Professional analysts consider hundreds of parameters before approving the project for the launchpad. In combination with verification procedures for startups, the risk of fraud is close to zero.

Venture fund to find maximum resources for businesses

It is known as an alternative way for startups to access finance on the platform. It is a venture capital fund established by UMAY Consortium - a network of successful and large companies in Central Asia.

The initial amount of investment funds was $1 million, and the first project (iDos Games) has already received $100,000 for its development.

UMAY Venture Fund will grow alongside the community as more and more people and companies will join it. So startups will get much-needed resources, and members of the UMAY community will be able to enter promising startups at very early stages.


UMAY Protocol is responsible for DeFi services on the platform. It provides users with the ability to stake their UMAY tokens, issue collateralized stablecoins, get and give peer-2-peer loans with different types of collateral, including NFT collaterals and so on.

The place to trade NFTs easily

UMAY NFT Marketplace allows users to freely trade any NFTs issued on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tezos, Polychain, Cardano, and other blockchains.

There are also NFT indices so users can invest in the NFT market as a whole.

Smooth payment solution

UMAY Payment System ensures smooth operation for both crypto startups and off-chain businesses and allows cross-chain transactions, so the ecosystem is integrated with all major DeFi blockchains.

In addition, payment gateways, included in the system, allow off-chain businesses easy access to blockchain and DeFi.

OTC Marketplace

Some major players in the over-the-counter cryptocurrency market in Central Asia are members of the UMAY Consortium, so it is only logical that OTC Marketplace is a prominent component of the ecosystem. The marketplace would be gradually developed in an anonymous cryptocurrency exchange.

Partnership with popular businesses

UMAY Consortium includes some of the most prominent companies in Central Asia, including Kinopark Theaters (the biggest cinema network in Central Asia) and Royal Petrol (a network of over 70 gas stations), and the network is growing. Some programs allow their customers to take advantage of the UMAY project, such as cashback using these funds and discounts for UMAY stakers.

When new businesses partner with UMAY, they will also have similar programs implemented.

Final words about UMAY and its ecosystem

Rounding up thoughts about UMAY, we can say that crypto startups, retail investors, and DeFi enthusiasts received a top-notch decentralized solution where they can access all sorts of financial services, including some off-chain ones in one place. UMAY turns fragmented DeFi products into a united hub. This will not only boost the industry but also improve user experience.

It is also important to say that the project will not stop. As per  its roadmap, new solutions and useful tools will be launched soon.

So, don't just take our word for it. Take a look for yourself by visiting its website and enjoying everything it has to offer.

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