Visionary Crypto environmentalist Mr. Teh announced a token sale campaign for environmental cryptocurrency to combat climate change

Visionary Crypto environmentalist Mr. Teh announced a token sale campaign for environmental cryptocurrency to combat climate change
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OUD Token is an upcoming project in the cryptocurrency space focusing on saving the environment. The project's CEO, Mr. Teh, is a pure crypto environmentalist focusing on building a sustainable future. The OUD Token pre-sale and main sale are coming in a few weeks, with a token launch on Bitmart shortly after.

The OUD Token Vision

OUD Token positions itself as an ecological token capable of bringing positive attention to the cryptocurrency industry. Bringing more green life to the world will help establish environmental preservation. Striking a balance between social, environmental, and financial facets is a tricky balancing act, but OUD Token succeeds in doing so.

At its core, the OUD Token is the first climate-positive cryptocurrency asset. Its blockchain infrastructure will help provide unique identities for Aquilaria trees globally and trackable via RFID technology and smart contracts. By building this ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum, the team offers optimal data security around the clock. The backend of this ecosystem has been established with the help of Westwood Group.

The OUD Token team has expertise across many different fields and industry segments. Experience in IT development, earth sciences, plantation management, marketing, and finance will all prove beneficial to the growth of this project. In addition, their unified passion for environmental protection and finance has given rise to a unique project in the cryptocurrency space. Spearheaded by crypto environmentalist Mr Teh, the project wants to enforce positive change in the world.

Two crucial objectives are part of the OUD Token vision. First, there is the contribution to environmental protection by planting and conserving valuable and scarce natural resources. In this case, that resource is the Aquilaria tree. Second, the team aims to focus on liquidity to make this token as accessible as possible. Allowing more people to participate in these efforts will help to make a significant positive environmental impact.

As the OUD Token pre-sale and main sale are coming up, interested parties have a few weeks left to prepare for these token sales.

Upcoming OUD Token pre-sale and main sale

The pre-sale is a private sale and has a whitelisting process, from which raised funds will expand the development and marketing budget. Pre-sale tokens are not for resale through public exchanges before the official launch. pre-sale participants can acquire OUD at $0.06 with a minimum buy-in of $500. The pre-sale runs from July 29 to August 4, 2021.

Starting on August 6 is the regular Initial Coin Offering, which runs until August 8. During this phase, investors can acquire OUD for $0.07 with a minimum purchase threshold of $100.  A total of 580 million tokens will be made available for purchase.

After the main sale concludes, users will be able to trade OUD Token on the Bitmart platform starting on August 12. Keep in mind users who participate in the pre-sale and the main sale will only have 25% of their tokens issued to them in the first two months. The remaining tokens will unlock every month after that period to prevent any form of market manipulation.

About OUD Token

OUD Token is an ecological token at the same time that aims to bring more green life to the world. A living token that is on a mission to make this world a greener environment and preserve our precious wild forest. We want to create a balance between the social, environmental, and financial sectors.

The world is getting to the point of no return; however, it is still not too late to take action. By joining forces, together, we can make a big impact.

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