WhiteBIT Token: The Star Is About to Be Born

WhiteBIT is a European decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that attracts millions of traders around the world. The crypto platform has evolved rapidly since its founding in Dec 2018 and has finally grown to its own WhiteBIT Token. The asset will aim at expanding the development opportunities of the exchange. For users, in turn, WBT promises good discounts and a bunch of other equally nice bonuses that will change their routine on the platform. What is known about WBT so far?

  • The tokens will be limited in supply.
  • The ownership of WBT will bring numerous benefits for WBT owners and holders;
  • WBT will be integrated into the whole WhiteBIT crypto ecosystem.

The native token will open a way for WhiteBIT to cooperate with numerous blockchain projects, which promises many more hot offers for its clients. WBT owners will have access to special trading tournaments, airdrops, and other activities. User activity has also always been rewarded by the exchange. Thus, traders will receive the following pros:

  • increased referral rate (up to 50%);
  • lower trading fees;
  • free withdrawals of ERC20 and ETH;
  • free AML checks.

There will be issued a total of 400M WBT tokens. But 200 million WBT will constitute treasury tokens, which means they will be unlocked during the next three years. The platform intends to buy and burn tokens, i.e. destroy half of the entire supply. The weekly amount of redeemed assets will correspond to 33% of exchange’s earnings from trading fees and 5% of earnings from other types of use.

As a large European crypto exchange with a trustworthy reputation, WhiteBIT meets all the KYC and AML requirements. There is never a limit to security in fintech. The platform timely conducts independent audits to completely ensure its invulnerability. Thus, Hacken recognized WhiteBIT as one of the Top 2 AAA-rated and most secure exchanges globally.

After listing the token on other crypto platforms, all other members of the crypto community will be able to buy it. By the way, financial transactions are simplified for users thanks to the support of Visa, Mastercard, and partner payment systems. To follow the updates on the WBT development, visit the official WhiteBIT platform.

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