Xsolla and X.LA—Aleksandr Agapitov is Building for the Gaming and Web3 Spaces

Xsolla and X.LA—Aleksandr Agapitov is Building for the Gaming and Web3 Spaces
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Albeit barely known in the inner gaming circle, Aleksandr Agapitov has built one of the most prominent brands in the $135 billion video game payment industry—Xsolla. A platform where users spend real currency to buy in-game assets, Xsolla was founded by Agapitov in 2005 and it enables the seamless sale of these in-game digital assets, all for 5% of the transaction amount.

With a list of industry-leading gaming platforms as clients, Xsolla, according to financial and valuation reports from two investment banks, could exceed the $3 billion valuation mark if it were to go public. Agapitov owns 100% of the company, and per a recent statement, the 38-year-old entrepreneur wants to leave things as they are, at least for now. His goal at the moment is to drive a 40% annual gain, a 15% increase from last year’s growth.

Through Xsolla, Aleksandr Agapitov hopes to make money for game developers, enabling the seamless purchase of in-game assets for players.

As an up-to-the-minute entrepreneur, Agapitov takes things up another notch by creating a metaverse and web3 project, X.LA.

X.LA: The Metaverse and Web3 Project

In the last couple of months, web3, or third-generation of the internet, as it has been described, has become one of the hottest topics. Taking power from big tech and passing it to users, web3 will usher in a new era of the internet devoid of unlawful and unpermitted access and usage of personal information.

According to the team, X.LA aims to do precisely what Xsolla does for game developers—giving them monetary incentives to keep building and launching innovative products.

Requiring the hardwiring of blockchain technology and concomitant codes that fortify metaverse, Agapitov has recruited a team of Xsolla employees to take on this task. Once launched, an individual who develops a part of the metaverse could get a reward in the form of cryptocurrencies when others visit the location.

As in any other industry, it’s about how to get funded, how you get paid, how to find new customers, and how to engage with your customers,” Agapitov says in his latest Bloomberg interview.

Whether you are a creator, influencer, inventor, thinker, or contractor, X.LA welcomes everyone to join the community.

X.LA is leveraging blockchain technology and innovative web3 technologies to power and make global smart revenue-sharing contracts available to creators. The platform aims to empower developers to continue building and launching projects for a reward.

Besides shaping the future of web3, X.LA is a community-driven enterprise, and it prioritizes these members by offering them excellent benefits, insights on emerging topics, and access to certain nascent products. To honor these members who have been a part of the journey, X.LA will launch an NFT collection. Tagged the “Founding Members,” these NFTs will be spread amongst all early followers on Telegram and Discord.

That’s not all; owners of these NFTs will enjoy a plethora of perks, including exclusive access to the Telegram chat, where you can enjoy limited AMA sessions with the X.LA team.

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