YouHodler Dual Asset Gives Market Leading DeFi Yield Generation Strategies with Ease of Traditional Finance

YouHodler Dual Asset Gives Market Leading DeFi Yield Generation Strategies with Ease of Traditional Finance
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The innovative crypto investment platform YouHodler has released its latest offering, the Dual Asset program which allows anyone to leverage their digital assets for a win-win scenario. The best part of the service is that, unlike other DeFi and crypto investment platforms, the YouHodler service is easy to use and even novice investors can partake in the profitable strategy.

Dual Assets: How it Works
Dual Assets, commonly known as Dual Currency Deposits (DCD) in the traditional finance world, is not a new service, even in the crypto sphere. However, wIth a philosophy of making investments easy, YouHodler offers its Dual Assets offering in the most simplistic manner.

The YouHodler Dual Asset service consists of supported crypto paired with a stablecoin. Each pair will have its details listed, such as the pair itself and the estimated range of profit per plan. YouHodler users can partake in it through a 3-step process:

  • Deposit the cryptocurrency or the stablecoin.
  • Select the appropriate crypto/stablecoin pair.
  • Select the preferred plan (ranging from 12 hours to seven days - with profits up to 365% APR).

Depending upon the plan and the settlement price, YouHodler will calculate the estimated yield you will receive at the end of the plan. Once the time is up, YouHodler will look at the price of the asset and the strike price (determined at the end of the plan). The result is either of the two situations:

The strike price is higher than the initial price. If a user had deposited cryptocurrency, the original asset along with the yield generated will be deposited in their wallet in the form of the stablecoin. If the market spot price is less than the initial price of the asset, users will still receive their original investment, but receive the yield in the shape of the asset itself.

Looking at these two scenarios, no matter what the situation is, the investor always receives more than their principal amount, creating a sure-shot profit situation!

Why Dual Asset Offering is a Better Option

Today, there are tons of different crypto investment services available. Some offer extremely high returns, while some others can be too complex for an average person to comprehend. YouHodler, on the other hand, offers its Dual Asset service that is far superior to others.

First, investors can use their idle assets to work for them. Instead of sitting inside wallets and not generating any yields, these assets are put to good use. Secondly, YouHodler generates profits from market yields, rather than depending on unsustainable farming.

Lastly, no matter what the situation is, you make profits. Even if the strike price is lower and you are returned your asset (which is now worth less than before), you still gain yield on it. This is similar to “buying the dip” as now you hold more asset quantity than you had to begin with, allowing you potential profits when the asset value will rise.

Enjoy the Vast YouHodler Services

YouHodler already offers a wide portfolio of wealth-generating services that users can put to good use. The universal mobile app allows users to buy, sell and exchange cryptos without the complex nature commonly found on different exchanges.

Use the Earn feature to gain as much as 8% APR on stablecoins with weekly payouts that can be compounded. Users can even create a combination of services as they see fit, with a portion of their portfolio dedicated to savings and the rest for Dual Asset investment, generating profits all the way.

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