ZunaNauts - A New NFT Collection Set to Reward Smart Investors

ZunaNauts - A New NFT Collection Set to Reward Smart Investors
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ZunaNauts is a new project that aims to reward investors for their faith in the project. The project’s team has extensive business expertise and comprises crypto enthusiasts.

This review will look at the project and its potential to reward investors.

Discovering the ZunaNauts NFTs

With the growing world of NFT projects and collections launching daily, it can be hard to keep up with the market. After all, there’s a lot happening in this exciting new space.

The ZunaNauts are a new type of collection that rewards its investors in an all new way. There are only 1969 astronauts available, so if you want one, you'll need to hurry. With clever reward systems, like lifetime rewards and static rewards, it is sure to be popular with investors and collectors.

The Team's Mission

With the holders always in mind, the team strives to create new utilities that will  always benefit the coin holders.  From the integration of the buyback system, to the reflection, everything is designed to circulate through the Zuna world.  Our mission is to increase our holders and give them a reason to choose Zuna.

NFT projects need a good community to grow. This is because the projects need people to help them reach their goals. The community can help with this by providing feedback, support, and testing. It is also crucial for the community to be active to keep the project alive.

The Project's Tiers

There are different rewards for those who hold ZunaNauts. You need to understand that those who hold ZunaNauts will get paid in $ZUNA. The more ZunaNauts you have, the more you will earn.

You can buy a ZunaNaut using WBNB on the NFT Marketplace called ZUNAVERSE.io. You can also get rewards from the Marketplace depending on how many ZunaNauts and which ones you own.  The two popular strategies are to buy the largest or accumulate the most.   There is no limit to how many you can buy!

The Marketplace rewards people with ZunaNauts every time somebody buys something using BNB. The second phase of ZunaNauts will be released around 2-3 weeks after the first phase.

Speaking of rewards, the team chose to segment its users into different tiers:
  • Captain: 165 Billion ZUNA per month for 12 months, 2% of ZunaVerse NFT Marketplace Reward Pool
  • Commander: 80 Billion ZUNA per month for 12 months, 0.8% of ZunaVerse NFT Marketplace Reward Pool
  • Lieutenant: 7 Billion ZUNA per month for 12 months, 0.04925% of ZunaVerse NFT Marketplace Reward Pool
  • Officer: 3.5 Billion ZUNA per month for 12 months, 0.02% of ZunaVerse NFT Marketplace Reward Pool
  • Cadet: 1.8 Billion ZUNA per month for 12 months, 0.01% of ZunaVerse NFT Marketplace Reward Pool
  • Recruit: 1 Billion $ZUNA per month for 12 months, 0.0004% of ZunaVerse NFT Marketplace Reward Pool
A Trip to the ZunaVerse

The Binance chain is a fast, reliable, and low-fee blockchain that allows for creating unique digital assets, or NFTs. These tokens are perfect for representing digital assets such as art, collectibles, and gaming items.

The Binance chain also allows users to trade NFTs directly with each other without the need for a third party. This removes extra fees from the transaction and makes it faster and easier to buy and sell digital assets.

Zunaverse is one of the first marketplaces to list NFTs on the Binance chain. The marketplace offers a variety of features and benefits that make it a great place to buy and sell NFTs.

Some of the key features that set Zunaverse apart from other NFT marketplaces include:

  • A built-in ZUNA auto buy-back system that uses 2.5% of every transaction to automatically buy ZUNA.
  • Integration of ZUNA as an exclusive form of payment to access special features for creators and potential buyers. Among these functionalities, we find lazy minting, auctions, and single or multiple NFT minting.
  • Lower fees and faster transactions for users who pay with ZUNA.

By offering these features, Zunaverse provides a unique and innovative way to trade digital assets.

Joining the ZunaVerse

Here in the ZunaVerse, you can now find and purchase exclusive NFTs in the brand new NFT Marketplace. It's a fresh approach to entering the market for NFTs because both buyers and sellers have access to simple tools.

In order to buy or sell on the ZunaVerse marketplace, you'll need to connect your wallet. Once you've connected, you'll need to create your collection. Make sure you add all the relevant information in this phase.

Once you've created your collection, you can start adding NFTs to it. You must upload the work, add a title and description, and customize the NFT with properties, stats, and unlockable content.

Once you're ready to list your NFTs for sale, you can choose between auctions, fixed-price listings, and declining-price listings. You'll need to decide how you want to sell your NFTs. The team also included a royalty system. So, you can get paid forever for your work.  The creator choses the royalty percentage the platform will help you facilitate the sale.

The ZUNA Coin

ZUNA holders can benefit from the coin's use cases in a few ways. First, they receive 5% of every transaction as reflections, which helps to stabilize the ZUNA coin's price.

Second, 5% of every transaction goes towards buying LP tokens from the Binance smart contract. This helps to provide liquidity for the ZUNA coin and also helps to stabilize its price.

Finally, ZUNA is available on PancakeSwap, CoinTiger and Hotbit making it easy for holders to exchange it for other cryptocurrencies.

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange for the crypto market. It allows users to trade assets without having to trust a third party.

CoinTiger is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies and digital assets. It is one of the largest exchanges in the world.

Both PancakeSwap and CoinTiger work by allowing users to deposit their tokens into an account on the exchange. The user can then use those tokens to trade with other users on the exchange. The exchange takes a small commission on each trade.

A Few Words about the Project's Team

The Zuna team is composed of experienced professionals who are excited about the project's future.

The team behind ZunaNauts has a lot of experience in business, financial, marketing, and of course cryptocurrency enthusiasts. They want to make the project a success and give back to investors for having faith in the project.

Key Takeaways

ZunaNauts is a new collection set to reward all its investors. The marketplace is an appealing way to purchase and sell NFTs due to its many useful features.

The project's website may have what you need if you're looking for an easy way to get started in NFTs. The team's social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) enable you to keep track of this project's next steps.

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