Pro tennis player tokenizes part of her arm

Pro tennis player tokenizes part of her arm

Oleksandra Oliynykova, a 20-year old pro tennis player is taking the concept of NFTs to a whole new level. The tennis player minted her first-ever NFT on Wednesday and guess what it is – a part of her right arm.

Oliynykova, who is ranked 30 on the International Tennis Federation (IFT) World Tour Ranking, is offering a prospective buyer the chance to own a section on the inside of her upper arm, just above the elbow. The total area is question in approximately 6 inches x 3 inches.

To put some context into what the youngster is offering, her upper arm would be visible every time she takes a swing. As such, the winning bidder could opt to place an advert or commission a tattoo that would be visible at Wimbledon, the French Open, or on any other tournament, she chooses to play in. The seemingly insignificant offer could well be worth a billboard in Times Square.

Oliynykova’s decision to tokenize her arm could kick-start a global trend in individual-player sports such as golf or tennis.

Meanwhile, NFTs are taking center stage in the sports arena. NBA Top Shot, a collector’s site, has facilitated some of the most successful NFT sales. Collectors have spent about $330 million on 10-15 second clips from sports videos. Just yesterday, a collector rejected a $1 million offer for an NFT that he purchased for $100,000.

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