PRüF protocol integrates Unstoppable Domains to create verifiable NFTs

PRüF protocol integrates Unstoppable Domains to create verifiable NFTs
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters / Unsplash

PRüF protocol CEO Clifford Smyth announced a collaborative effort with Unstoppable Domains, opening the door to streamlined brand verification for PRüF assets and enhanced value for Unstoppable Domains clients.

In addition to supporting login with Unstoppable domains, PRüF will be recognizing Unstoppable as a Verified Identity Provider, enabling domain holders to provision a PRüF-verified asset minting authority linked to their Unstoppable brand identity.

In a recent press release, PRüF CEO Clifford Smyth states “In this way, PRüF nodes linked to Unstoppable Domains can mint tokenized assets and NFTs that are verifiably tied to their Unstoppable brand presence. Customers buying PRüF enabled tokenized assets or NFTs minted by these nodes are assured that the objects or digital assets they receive are genuine, original articles, created and authorized by the holder of the Unstoppable Domain.”

By providing verified minting authorities with decentralized PRüF nodes, PRüF eliminates fake goods and unauthorized digital assets — fighting brand piracy and making good on the promise that legacy NFTs have so far failed to live up to. The PRüF team plans to integrate the UD identity gateway into their fully audited mainnet “Gutenberg” launch on Ethereum and Polygon, slated for early Q1 2022.

In a related announcement, as part of the collaboration with Unstoppable Domains, the PRüF Foundation will be providing grants to Unstoppable Domain holders. “The PRüF Foundation is excited to share this opportunity with Unstoppable Domain customers. Tokenized identity and blockchain based verification are two revolutionary technologies that naturally go hand in hand, and we are proud to welcome Unstoppable Domains as our first tokenized identity provider, and to extend that welcome to their community of domain holders to join the tokenized ownership revolution!” The grant program includes subsidizing the cost of nodes, a grant of PRüF tokens for qualified domains, and providing integration support for projects using their Unstoppable Domain to verify their PRüF nodes.

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