Putting Crypto Products in Hands of Banks, Asset Managers, and Insurers — Rebus Platform

Putting Crypto Products in Hands of Banks, Asset Managers, and Insurers — Rebus Platform
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The crypto space is replete with meme-themed projects, DeFi protocols, and thousands of coins competing against each other. While the influx of these projects is vital in the fight for global adoption, it is hard to differentiate legitimate projects from hit-and-run, and half-jokes. In a bid to drive worldwide adoption, a team of innovative developers has launched the Rebus Platform and its native token $REBUS.

Unlike what is obtainable in the trillion-dollar crypto space, Rebus aims to leave a positive, significant mark in the industry through convenient, well-thought-out, and remarkable offerings. According to the team, Rebus hopes to put crypto products in the hands of traditional banks, asset managers, and insurers. After that the assets are supposed to be sold to investors.

Rebus aims to take decentralized finance to the next level of adoption with an emphasis on creating real-time value for users over maximizing profits.

Global Adoption Demands Simplicity and Real Value

As a disruptive project, Rebus and its native token $REBUS possess the ability to drive adoption through a convenient platform and a valuable offering.

Rebus will allow a set of asset managers and financial institutions to sell and manage DeFi products and TradFi instruments. Rebus will build the first DeFi products and will, in the future, allow third parties and partners to build on the Rebus ecosystem. Guaranteeing a transparent ecosystem, each partner will reserve the right to evaluate and vet instruments before delivering them to clients.  

Rebus will answer the following questions from TradFi investors: How do I invest? What can I do with those investments? This nascent platform will allow investors to buy DeFi products and instruments from trusted traditional institutions in a familiar language. As a comprehensive platform, Rebus leaves ample room for creating and launching essential yet non-existent products. And all will operate legally and efficiently on the Rebus Vault.

$REBUS Token

In an unprecedented fashion, $REBUS is not competing with other tokens such as $ETH, $ATOM, or even $BTC. On the Rebus platform, $REBUS will permit the trading and leveraging of DeFi assets like traditional financial products.

$REBUS serves as the regulatory vehicle that will enable the Rebus team to achieve their vision of providing a valuable service and driving global adoption. It will serve as the transaction token on the Rebus Platform. The value of the Rebus Platform is directly related to the volume of transactions.

$REBUS leverages a series of specific blockchain applications to meet all regulatory requirements without sacrificing liquidity which is an essential component. Additionally, the Rebus team uses $REBUS as an intermediary between each DeFi instrument and the Rebus Vault. With this native token, investors get past the difficulties synonymous with crypto investing today.

The Rebus Platform is not a high-risk and high-reward project. It seeks to onboard large user groups that integrate valuable and fascinating application types and products.

How to Get $REBUS

According to the team, $REBUS will launch in late September 2022, and talks are underway for decentralized and centralized exchange listings. With the first product launch expected to happen before Q1 of 2023, $REBUS will be available for anyone to get. It doesn't end there. The Rebus team is currently working with developers to add valuable products in the testnet.

Register for Rebus announcements to get first-hand information on the upcoming token sale and exchange listings.

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