Quant's 2.88% Bump to $104.53: Key Takeaways for QNT Investors

Quant's QNT token has seen a small 2.88% increase over the last 24 hours, bringing its price to $104.53. This modest upside follows mostly sideways trading so far in July after a steep downtrend in June.

Below we analyze the key Quant metrics to assess where QNT could be headed next.

Low Trading Volume Signals Caution

Despite the slight price rise, Quant trading volume remains very low compared to its history. Volume over the past 24 hours was only $14 million.

Such weak activity indicates investor disinterest and raises doubts about the durability of the recent gains. QNT remains vulnerable to more downside without renewed trading momentum.

Technical Picture Remains Bearish

QNT remains stuck under its 50-day moving average, currently around $108. It faces strong overhead resistance from its declining 200-day MA near $160. This points to an uphill battle technically.

The MACD momentum indicator remains negative as well. Together with the muted volume, the technicals suggest bears remain in control of the QNT market.

A daily close above $120 would be needed to signal a potential trend reversal. Without that, the path of least resistance remains down.

Our QNT Price Prediction

My price prediction is for Quant to trade rangebound between $90 and $110 in the near term. Upside looks limited given the weak technical setup.

However, the $90 level should provide strong support barring a wider crypto selloff. I expect consolidation to continue absent a major catalyst to reinvigorate bullish trading activity.

For now, QNT likely needs cooperation from Bitcoin along with fundamental project developments to regain its bullish momentum from earlier this year.

What Could Spark a Quant Trend Reversal?

Some potential catalysts that could reignite Quant demand include:

  • Announcement of major global bank partnerships
  • Progress on multi-chain integrations and Quant 5.0 launch
  • Advancements in cross-border blockchain interoperability
  • Improved crypto regulation and institutional adoption

Without new fundamental drivers, it's difficult to see QNT decoupling from the broader crypto market struggles in the short term. Traders should watch Bitcoin's price action closely.

Should You Buy Quant After the Recent Uptick?

The muted 2.88% rise lacks conviction, so I don't recommend rushing to buy QNT after the latest bump higher. Allowing the price to build a base first before adding exposure may be prudent.

That said, long-term crypto investors may consider accumulating on more significant dips with a multi-year time horizon. Quant remains one of the most promising interoperability projects.

Near term, conservative neutrality makes sense while awaiting stronger bullish signals. Patience could be rewarded by entering at lower levels if QNT drops further.


In summary, Quant still faces technical headwinds and needs renewed fundamental catalysts to rebound convincingly from its recent selloff. While further upside is possible, traders should wait for increased volume and a break above resistance before turning aggressively bullish. Conservative accumulation on major pullbacks seems wise for long-term investors.

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