Quarterly Report; Most expensive NFTs sold this past quarter

Quarterly Report; Most expensive NFTs sold this past quarter

Peaking this year, Non-fungible tokens (NFTS) have become the most talked-about crypto trend at the moment. Offering a unique opportunity to create and sell digital art, investors, artists, and enthusiasts alike have jumped on this nascent trend that leverages the trillion-dollar crypto market and transparent technology blockchain.

With hundreds of these digital arts created and auctioned on various marketplaces, BTC Peers in its quarterly NFT report will review some of the most expensive NFTs sold this past quarter.

EVERYDAYS: FIRST 5000 DAYS - $69.3 million

First on this list is EVERYDAYS; FIRST 5000 DAYS, an artwork created by famous artist Mike Beeple Winkelmann.

Sold for $69.3 million on Christie's NFT marketplace, this auction happens to be the very first time the digital art platform is selling unsullied digital art.

The NFT collection featured a collage of 5000 distinct artworks created by Beeple throughout his career.

Crossroads - $6.6 million

Launched on the Niffy Gateway marketplace, this artwork created also by Beeple featured an enlarged image of former US President Donald Trump laying on a heap of profanities.

While this artwork didn't always look like this, it was immediately tweaked after the ex-president lost the November 2020 election to President Biden.

NFT Tweet - $2.9 million

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s NFT reported earlier by BTC Peers was one of the expensive sales in the NFT space last quarter. Sold for $2.9 million, the collection was exclusive ownership of the CEO’s first-ever tweet on social media platform Twitter.

Auctioned for most of March, the NFT was finally sold a day after it was tweeted 15 years ago — March 22, 2021.

100% of proceeds from this sale were donated to Charities in Africa in the form of Bitcoin.

CryptoPunk - $1.54 million

Being the second CryptoPunk NFT that has been sold on the digital art market, this features a punk sporting a fedora with an unimpressed look and a smirk.

Launched and sold off on the Larvalab marketplace, this NFT sold for 800 ETH worth $1.54 million at the time of sale.

3LAU NFT - $1.33 million

Music producer and DJ 3LAU in a collaborative effort with Slimesunday launched an NFT called; Auction Winner Picks Name.

Launched and sold on the Niffy Gateway marketplace, the NFT featured a dance track and music video. As the name implied, the winner of the auction reserved the right to pick a name for the NFT and its limited edition, Slimesunday revealed.

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