Quentin Tarantino Announces Dates for NFT Auction of Scenes from Fiction Screenplay

Quentin Tarantino Announces Dates for NFT Auction of Scenes from Fiction Screenplay
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Quentin Tarantino, the Academy Award-winning director, actor, author, screenwriter, producer, and film critic, recently announced the dates for the NFT auction of fan-favorite scenes from his original, never-before-seen handwritten screenplay for "Pulp Fiction," as well as exclusive audio commentary by Tarantino on Secret Network, Web3's data privacy platform.

Tarantino holds the sole right to publish his Pulp Fiction script, and the original, handwritten version has remained a private creative treasure for decades. Tarantino has adapted portions from this historic book into a one-of-a-kind NFT edition in partnership with SCRT Labs. Each NFT in the collection has a single legendary moment, as well as Tarantino's individualized voice commentary. Collectors who acquire one of these limited-edition NFTs will have unprecedented access to Quentin Tarantino's thinking and creative process.

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The NFTs holding this fantastic material is available via Secret Network, the first blockchain to provide smart contract anonymity by default. Secret Network NFTs use unique data-privacy technologies to guarantee that only the NFTs' owners may decode and distribute their contents.

"We are happy to stand with Quentin," stated Guy Zyskind, founder and CEO of SCRT Labs, the key contributor to Secret Network. Guy further stated,

"We are dedicated to collaborating with creative artists worldwide to improve their ability to distribute their work directly to audiences without depending on traditional distribution structures that favour corporations over creators."

The following dates have been set for the auctions:

Chapter 1: 17-21 January 2022

Chapter 2: January 24, 2022

Chapter 3: January 25, 2022

Chapter 4: January 26, 2022

Chapter 5: January 27, 2022.

Chapter 6: January 28, 2022

Chapter 7: January 31, 2022

Participants must register beforehand to be eligible for the sale. On January 10, 2022, registration will begin.

The public auction for the Tarantino film will be placed on Ethereum, while Secret Network will power the NFTs. Participants will be able to utilize ETH and stable coins compliant with the ERC-20 standard.

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