Raising awareness about endangered species through Animalia

Raising awareness about endangered species through Animalia
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News about the environment arises every year, especially when it comes to animal species that have coexisted with us for centuries. All animals (especially endangered species) are important for the ecosystem; they should be cared for and protected. To give you a better perspective, a report on Our World in Data website revealed that 99% of the four billion species that have evolved on earth are now gone. In fact, 900 different species have gone extinct in the last 5 centuries.

Blockchain-powered online gaming has been making waves in recent times, and what better way to create awareness for these animals than incorporating them into these games. Animal meme coins are already a force to reckon with. For example, Dogecoin has a market capitalization of over $22 billion as of January 2022. Animalia, a blockchain-powered gaming company sees the opportunity to leverage on the hype and interest to create awareness for animals through the gameplay.

The gaming content of Animalia is motivated not only by the animal kingdom but also by the crypto-referenced meme critters, including whale, bull, bear, ape, doge, which have been catching interest and attention worldwide. The inclusion of both endangered and non-endangered animals in the gameplay of Animalia serves as a strategy to bring awareness that the existence of these animals is of the utmost importance. Aside from helping to promote a healthy ecosystem, Animalia also provides a wonderful opportunity for gamers to enjoy and learn simultaneously.

Why is infusing Animals chosen for Animalia gameplay?

Animalia is not only pushing the world to move forward with GameFi, they also recognize the impact on the world in general. This is a chance for them to pay tribute to the animals that helped to shape the world we all live in and enjoy today. The project sends a message that people should be more attentive and protect these animals as we all need to coexist for a healthier and stronger ecosystem. The cultural relevance is another major reason Animalia is leveraging the hype of the meme culture in the crypto space. The crypto community has grown to love animal memes. Through the game, players will be well-entertained as the meme content is something that resonates with the community. The project will all be following closely with the WWF list of endangered, vulnerable, and threatened animals. These animals will be represented in the form of NFTs to signify their scarcity and raise awareness to the masses, and players will be able to learn about such animals.

By infusing a massive proportion of the animals into clever meme-like creatures, each gamer will be at liberty to collect and strategically construct their own personalized Animal Kingdom by themselves. These gamers won't have to worry about any form of intrusion and they can also learn more about the vast types of species available in the ecosystem. Integrating these animals into the gameplay and allowing gamers to fight for these animals create a sense of reawakening in the minds of people.  

Furthermore, players will have access to fight attributes, modify the aesthetics, and customize other variables all through the adventure within Animalia Kingdom. The game can come between one human and an artificial intelligent computer opponent or between two human players. On top of that, Animalia’s game constitutes numerous battle elements, including Titans, Weapons, Critters, Gemstone, and Landscape.

What is Animalia Game?

Animalia is an independent free-to-play and play-to-earn online non-fungible token (NFT) trading card game that features crypto-inspired gemstones and meme creatures. It is powered by the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Players will be able to collect rare cards, create NFTs, build decks, battle with other players, and also sell cards to other traders. Animalia gives the player complete ownership over their in-game collectibles.

Each player is represented by their chosen 'Titan,' the Bull or the Bear, which determines the special power available to them. The players take turns to play cards from their hand to cast powerful spells, equip mighty gemstones, or summon critters to do battle on their behalf. Artists will be able to create, build and submit their own personalized cosmetic NFT assets, which will be curated by the Animalia team, and then reviewed and approved by the community via the governance model. All approved user-generated cosmetic NFTs will be tradable in the Animalia marketplace. The game is designed to enable Blockchain access to millions of people around the world, through an entertaining and educational approach.


Animalia is not your typical regular game but thoroughly designed to thrill the gamer and reawaken the subconscious within in raising the awareness of the need to treat animals with dignity and the importance of the ecosystem at all times. Through this new approach of development, it will ensure the game is both exciting for players and make the blockchain world more nature-friendly. For more information and updates about the Animalia game, you can visit their official website or their social media.

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