Relictum Node App Now Available for IOS Users

Relictum Node App Now Available for IOS Users
Photo by Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

Per a recent press release, Relictum, the digital world of applications, has announced the launch of its node app for IOS. With this new development, IOS users can now install and deploy the Relictum node app on their respective devices. Not surprisingly, the node app for IOS is not different from the Android, Windows, and macOS applications.

The Relictum team, since the launch of the platform, has maintained that the seamless implementation of blockchain into day-to-day life is paramount. This announcement is proof.

To use this app, no technical knowledge is required, in fact, the installation and set-up process will only take a few minutes. Once this is completed a collection of Relictum products is immediately available for use. Below Are Relictum Ecosystem Services.

Relictum Chat

The first of the services Relictum offers is a Chat room—a secure and personally encrypted message room. The aim of this facet, according to the aforementioned source, is to offer a higher level of confidentiality, something no centralized platform can boast of.

The Relictum Decentralized Exchange [DEX]

This is simply a DEX that allows users to exchange, buy, and sell cryptocurrencies instantly. Committed to delivering a stronger security structure, users’ funds are on the Accounts section on the node app. And third-party applications cannot block or hinder access to the funds.

Interactions between users are regulated by smart contracts.

Relictum Games

This includes a variety of games, ranging from decentralized applications [DApps] to other blockchain-based games. Running on a decentralized system devoid of a central authority system, these games will allow players to own, buy, sell, or trade a ton of digital collectibles on third-party marketplaces.

Currently, two of these games are available—Coin and Dice.

Relictum Pay

Spending cryptocurrencies can be a tad bit difficult. Relictum as an innovative digital platform pioneering blockchain 5.0 seeks to address this major sticking point. Through this service—Relictum Pay—you can seamlessly convert your cryptocurrencies and subsequently spend them on a plethora of goods and services. That's not all, this Relictum service lets you track crypto transactions before and after they have been confirmed.

Additionally, you can view all transaction information and payments.

Relictum Pay stores all transactions executed in a special section.

Relictum Storage

This is a decentralized storage system that, according to the Relictum team, guarantees low-cost access to storage. Like the other services offered, Relictum Storage is super safe, reliable, and decentralized.

Taking things up a notch, the team has introduced the concept of earning. Users with free disk spaces can earn by renting or sharing their storage spaces with others.

Relictum Wallet

This is a super-convenient, reliable, and incredibly secure avenue to store all of your crypto assets. Currently, users can store BTC, ETH, LTC, RLC, and USDR instantaneously.

Payment Contract and Token

The Payment Contract service allows users to design conventional payment contracts for all of their needs. Leveraging blockchain, Relictum will use this immutable technology as a guarantor for the fulfillment of preset conditions.

The Token service, on the other hand, will allow you to easily create tokens on the Relictum ecosystem. Via this ecosystem, you can set certain variables like price, token issue volume, and other financial parameters you may have in mind. Furthermore, Relictum will introduce the NFT Token service, a new feature that will see users create NFT tokens right on the node app. While this service is not available yet, the team reveals that once launched, it will allow you to buy and sell tokens directly from the app.

Getting started on the Relictum node app for IOS is straightforward. You simply have to install the app on your IOS-powered device and fill out a simple registration form. The app is user-friendly, intuitive, and clear, thus guaranteeing prospective users with little to no technical skills mastery of the entire process in the shortest time possible.

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