Ren unleashes RenBridge 2.1, focuses on decentralizing UI

Ren unleashes RenBridge 2.1, focuses on decentralizing UI

Blockchain project Ren announced the launch of its RenBridge 2.1 on Thursday. The new upgrade features some improvements to RenBridge and its codebase.

One of the key improvements introduced by RenBridge 2.1 is the transition to a more decentralized UI. Moving forward, the UI will no longer rely on a centralized system for order storage. This is made possible through the removal of Firebase for “transaction persistence.” In the place of Firebase, RenBridge will now rely directly on storage by RenVM. Ren explained:

This essentially works by the gateway address generating a nonce. The nonce is calculated from a 24-hour window and user wallet address, so the “storage” is achieved by scanning gateway addresses, one address for one day. Overall, this results in a more decentralized dApp as it doesn’t rely on an external single entry API like Firebase.

In addition to the improvement to the UI introduced by RenBridge 2.1, the removal of Firebase makes the new codebase easier to fork.

As of press time, the team was yet to disclose a fixed date for the deployment of RenBridge 2.1. However, it is expected to go live before the end of April.

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