Request Finance’s Recent Expansions Pushes its Digital Asset Payment Platform to the Next Frontier

At their inception, digital assets were incredibly niche, with only the most dedicated financial and tech-related enthusiasts adopting them. That has significantly changed, with most investors looking at digital assets as an integral part of any portfolio.

The space has seen such meteoric growth that the average daily digital asset trading volume now reaches around $120 billion.

As the prevalence of this asset class grows, many digital asset-related businesses have emerged, turning this once underground investment type into an accepted payment method. With that came the need for issuing and handling digital asset invoices for tax or accounting purposes.

Request Finance is constantly innovating and pushing towards the decentralized future the blockchain and digital asset space has been working towards for nearly 15 years.

The company provides an all-in-one finance solution built for Web3. The solutions allow decentralized autonomous organizations, freelancers, and many other company types to easily manage and track digital asset invoices, salaries, and expenses. These solutions provide a way to seamlessly and efficiently manage digital assets within a business setting. They are also designed to be fast, secure, and compliant with related regulations.

Recently, Request Finance’s latest update incorporated their partnership and collaboration with Avalanche to facilitate digital assets invoices on a fast and transparent blockchain network.

Also, during the Binance Blockchain Week, which is taking place in Dubai from March 28 to 30, the company announced that they now support BNB or “Build and Build” Chain. BNB Chain is the blockchain gas token that fuels transactions on BNB Chain.

Avalanche Support Added to the Request Finance Platform

Following the integration of Avalanche onto Request Finance’s platform, transactions performed by users will now be both quicker and more cost-effective due to Avalanche’s PoS blockchain.

Thanks to the Avalanche blockchain, another new update this partnership brings is simplifying the invoice creation process. Also, users can pay invoices through Avalanche directly from the Request Finance platform.

With these two large chains working together and the enormous communities that accompany them, Request Finance has expanded the reach of its comprehensive tools that support invoicing, salary payments, and other financial operations and brought them into the Avalanche ecosystem.

BNB Chain Integration

The other previously mentioned feature Request Finance has recently implemented is the ability to make payments with BNB’s native token. Tokens like BUSD that operate on the BNB Network can also be used on the Request Finance platform to issue and pay invoices, salaries, and more.

This new feature gives digital-asset-native companies, DAOs, and Web3 project teams in the BNB Chain ecosystem the flexibility to choose from a growing list of over 70+ different currencies, and 10+ different blockchains.

More on Request Finance

Request Finance launched in 2021 and is quickly growing and becoming one of the leaders in the space. They focus mainly on processing digital asset payments, with close to $200 million in related transactions completed since its launch.

The company behind Request Finance, Request Labs builds applications that run using the Request protocol. The company is working towards expanding the number of payment requests made through Request Finance, an issuance and invoice payment platform for digital asset companies. The application uses the Request Network, the Request Foundation's payment request technology. The company plans to develop a comprehensive set of finance tools for the ever-growing digital asset space.

In its short time as a company, Request Finance has already partnered with many industry giants such as AAVE, MakerDAO, and The Sandbox.

Through its platform, users can see, manage, and pay digital asset invoices from one convenient and easy-to-use interface. The platform is used by thousands of Web 3.0 companies to pay their suppliers, partners, contributors, and team members in digital assets.

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