Revenue-focused DeFi Project, Vault Finance Set to Launch this July

Revenue-focused DeFi Project, Vault Finance Set to Launch this July
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Reminiscent of the Wild West, the current crypto market is replete with dishonest, non-transparent projects with shady dealings. As more projects are launched and released into the booming space, it becomes a tad bit challenging for users to find suitable, reliable projects with a brilliant and revolutionary team keen on revamping existing modes of operations.

Unlike what is obtainable in the crypto space, Vault Finance—a product of three experienced, dedicated, and well-versed individuals in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors—aims to revisit and reshape the crypto reflection or rewards market. Scheduled to launch on Saturday, July 30, 2022, Vault Finance plays host to the first BUSD incentivization contract that doesn't sell its token to reward users.

Through a cutting-edge smart contract on the Binance Smart Chain [BSC] mainnet, Vault Finance seeks to become the leader in the reflection tokenomics space. As a new concept in the crypto market, reflection tokenomics abate, to a greater degree, the difficulties of farming rewards while encouraging investors to hold native tokens for extended periods and receive enormous rewards in proportion to the value of their holdings.

Vault Finance rides on the principles of integrity, transparency, and honesty. Currently, talks are underway with Reflecto to create and issue crypto debit cards with global usage capability.

Novation Launchpad/ DEX

Vault Finance will launch its Novation Launchpad, a comprehensive trading platform facilitating sell-less smart contracts. The DEX will enable the trading of top cryptocurrencies such as BNB, ADA, XRP, MATIC, NEAR, ETH, USDC, USDT, AVAX, BTCB, and DOT.

The first-of-its-kind, Novation will dispel contract sells and, unprecedentedly, will not collect trading fees in its native currency, reducing negative sell pressure on the token. In addition to this advanced DEX, Vault Finance will launch its native token—$VTFC.

$VTFC is a hyper-deflationary token based on the BSC network and provides holders rewards in the form of BUSD. The first in the crypto space, $VTFC, will also support various utilities, further cementing Vault Finance’s stance as a project committed to delivering a viable, super-advanced, and reliable DeFi platform.

After the July 30th, 2022 launch, Vault Finance will integrate the EMBR on-ramp and off-ramp system for decentralized instant conversion of fiat to BNB and vice versa. Thus, eliminating the need for centralized exchanges.

Benefits of Holding $VTFC

While the regular crypto reward contracts sell off native tokens, then convert to BUSD to incentivize users, Vault Finance’s novel sell-less smart contract introduces a concept where they do not have to sell $VTFC to reward you.

$VTFC holders will receive daily 7% BUSD rewards. According to the team, the percentage is high enough to guarantee daily income to holders but also low enough to fund the development of other exciting projects.

Vault Finance will convert 5% of all trading volume into BUSD, store it in a secure vault, and share a portion of it amongst investors once the vault is full. That’s not all; the team introduces the Diamond Hands Heist loyalty program. To show gratitude to token holders who hold $VTFC on day 30, Vault Finance will split a large number of tokens and have them delivered to their wallets on day 60 via the Heist Helicopter.

Built on transparency and integrity, Vault Finance is a secure project, its recently concluded CertiK smart contract audit is proof. The DeFi project will incorporate BVI in the coming months as it seeks to solidify its position as a dedicated, honest, and genuinely rewarding project.

Set to launch on Saturday, July 30, 2022, Vault Finance is a product of dedicated team members with experience and expertise in various industries.

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