RIDGE Charity Token off to a Flying Start, Listed on Lbank and Hotbit with Plans of NFTs

RIDGE Charity Token off to a Flying Start, Listed on Lbank and Hotbit with Plans of NFTs
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The RIDGE ERC-20 token is now live on Ethereum's Uniswap V2, Lbank, and Hotbit, Ridgeback Inu has revealed.

Focus on Charities, Plans on NFTs, and a Video Platform

As per a recent press release, the community-driven ERC-20 token by Mandingo Ridge will be a charity vehicle helping develop cryptocurrency utilities. With a laser focus on being an influential project, the team is already hard on the ground. They revealed that they have already helped several cryptocurrency projects develop their utilities, therefore, improving the system as a whole.

According to observers, the Ridge team meets the community's expectations by walking the talk. As a meme coin project, their objective is to disrupt the crypto-verse and create value for holders by serving multiple use cases. Central to their overarching goal is to help children, skilled developers, the sick, young talents, and victims of rugs. It is built with education in mind, inspired by Rhodesian ridgeback--the most caring dog. Ridge has grand plans. They will launch a video platform with a share-to-earn policy in the months ahead. Moreover, they will integrate NFTs. By incorporating the wildly popular NFTs into its growing ecosystem, the team will easily display the number of Ridgeback breeds across the universe.

One user on Twitter said Ridge's efforts in charity are already visible. Less than two months after launching the RIDGE token and deploying it on Uniswap v2 on Ethereum, their work is visible. The supporter added that Ridge is special because most charity focusing projects failed to deliver what they promised, disheartening donors who believed they were helping improve people's or animal welfare, depending on the crypto project's proposals. Ridge has donated to over ten charities as they step up their marketing, partnering with leading social media influencers and other superstars in sports.

RIDGE Token is Flying, Listed on Lbank and Hotbit

Reflecting this vote of confidence from neutral community members, the RIDGE token is one of the top performers. On December 19, the RIDGE token soared 90 percent, outperforming the greenback by several folds. At the same time, the token has been listed by CoinMarketCap (CAP) and Coingecko. These are the world's largest coin trackers heavily relied on by the community for project-specific statistics, including price movements.

Moreover, the token's liquidity is set to improve following RIDGE's listing on Lbank and Hotbit. These centralized exchanges offer its global community an opportunity to scoop up the token without complying with KYC or filling out forms.

Already available for trading at Uniswap v2—the largest decentralized in the world, support from centralized exchanges would create a positive Domino effect, further supporting the token in short to medium term.

10% of RIDGE Total supply Burned from the Donations Wallet

There will be a seven percent slippage for every buy or sell transaction of the RIDGE token, where one percent is channeled to the donations wallet. Once a given threshold amount is reached, a percentage of funds collected is donated to a registered charity. Two percent is for boosting the RIDGE liquidity on Uniswap—locked for six months on Unicrypt-- while another three percent goes to marketing.

Ridge has said over 10 percent of the total supply has been burned to account for donations made over the past few weeks. However, aware of the high transaction fees on Ethereum, the meme coin project plans to bridge to Polygon and create a clone of the token. Polygon is compatible with Ethereum and boasts of high throughput, translating to relatively low trading fees for users. By launching on Polygon, traders would escape the high trading fees on Ethereum.

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