Ripple looks to enter lending market with on-demand liquidity (ODL) service

US-based crypto and blockchain firm Ripple has introduced a new credit service for its clients, called the on-demand liquidity (ODL) service. The company hopes to help companies grow. According to Ripple, "This is our first time testing a product offering in the lending space...We may decide to build out a more robust offering in the future." Companies will be able to obtain loans in XRP via RippleNet, and will pay interest on the tokens they borrow. In addition to helping companies access liquidity, this new service will help international transfers to be accomplished within the Ripple ecosystem, without any need for banks.

Ripple has created one of the most innovative platforms in the blockchain space. With this new lending facility, Ripple is turning the XRP token into a parallel global financing and settlement system for commerce. If it is successful in promoting XRP as a means of financing commercial transactions, the value of the token could move much higher. It would be filling the same role as any of the four major currencies, especially the US dollar or Euro. As a reserve asset that is used extensively by companies for global transactions, XRP would set itself apart from the rest of the tokens on the market, including Bitcoin.

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