Robo Advisor: A new invention in the crypto world

The effects of AI can be seen in almost every domain nowadays. Then how could the crypto world be left behind? The technology is entering into this industry in the form of a Robo Advisor.

Robo Advisors, in general, are automated and algorithm-based tools that can help a person manage their investments. These advisors take both the market conditions and user requirements into consideration before providing the suggestions for investments in certain assets.

However, this concept doesn’t seem as fascinating to crypto investors as it was for retail investors. The reason behind this is the volatility of cryptocurrencies. That is why it is difficult to leave all the investment plans on a robot.

On the other hand, platforms like Wealth Square are now changing this reasoning of crypto investors. It provides them with all financial tools that can help them manage their cryptocurrencies in one place, along with a Robo Advisor.  That means the platform isn’t only about taking advice, but more about maintaining crypto portfolios in a much efficient way.

Moreover, Wealth Square claims to have zero commission. Still, only time will tell whether it provides accurate advice to its clients or crypto investors’ point proves to be true. But in any case, one can certainly use the platform to manage their cryptocurrencies without any hassle.

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