Roger Stone Reportedly Sells Donald Trump’s Autographed 1990s Magazine Cover as NFT to Pay Legal Bills

Roger Stone Reportedly Sells Donald Trump’s Autographed 1990s Magazine Cover as NFT to Pay Legal Bills
Photo by History in HD / Unsplash

Long-time Republican party member and operative, Roger Stone, is selling as a Non-Fungible Token, a magazine cover, which is reported to be autographed by Donald Trump, a former US president from the Republican party. Speaking in a 54-second-long video, Stone stated that the cover in question was the Real Estate – New York, a now-defunct trade publication. It is regarded as one that the past president really liked reading and later became the standard for everything he did.

According to Stone, the major reason for selling the autographed cover was to enable him to raise funds to cover his legal expenses as a result of defending himself in several civil lawsuits, which he described as “harassment civil suits.” Stone is quoted as saying,

“Between the cost of defending myself in 6 remaining merit-less but sensationalized harassment civil suits and the J-6 [January 6th] Witchhunt my legal expenses are formidable.”

The magazine cover would be sold as an NFT, a special kind of digital art that is not interchangeable and forms part of several items within a wider collection of NFTs belonging to Stone’s memorabilia.

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No offer has been received for the magazine cover, which was posted on popular biding site, as of Thursday afternoon. However, according to Stone, any winning bid for the magazine NFT that goes beyond $20,000 will be accompanied by a physical copy of the item.

Mr. Stone was one of several top politicians pardoned by the former president for lying to the US Congress concerning the alleged Russian involvement in the 2016 US presidential elections. However, following the presidential pardon, he has been inundated with several lawsuits about his role in the infamous 6thJanuary Capitol Hill riots. Therefore, this intended sale would offer much-needed financial assistance to the political strategist, whose wife is also presently undergoing cancer therapies.

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