Schrodinger Partners With Pawthereum to Donate Funds Towards Saving Sheltered Pets

Schrodinger Partners With Pawthereum to Donate Funds Towards Saving Sheltered Pets
Photo by Andrew S / Unsplash

Leading cat meme token, Schrodinger token ($DINGER) is partnering with Pawthereum to donate funds that will be used to save pets in Oakland, California.

Announced Thursday, Schrodinger token and Pawthereum, two of the largest pet-inspired tokens, entered a partnership to raise funds for the Cat Town Oakland pet shelter. The two projects will match donations made to the Oakland-based organization up to $25,000 to help find homes for Oakland’s vulnerable sheltered pets. According to the statement, Dinger token will match donations of up to $10k with Pawthereum giving away $15k in matched donations to help pets survive another day.

“The donations will give Cat Town Oakland the funds necessary to continue its mission to protect Oakland’s most vulnerable cats as they face life in shelters or inevitable euthanasia,” the statement further reads.

The funds donated are aiming to make the lives of thousands of sheltered pets better. The donations will be channeled to help Oakland’s elderly, stressed, sick, and injured shelter cats facing euthanasia. Cat Town Oakland is one of the largest cat shelters in the region. The donation aims to help the center reduce the rates of euthanasia, which has reduced by 70% since 2011, Oakland Animal Services reports. With the Schrodinger and Pawthereum donations, Cat Town will be able to shelter cats in need of immediate intervention and have no other options.

“Cat Town's mission is to transform the approach to saving shelter cats, reducing euthanasia nationwide,” a statement from the shelter reads. “Our focus is to find great homes for cats who are considered unadoptable in the traditional rescue model.”

After donating to the Cat Town shelter during the festive period, the center also has a website that accepts other crypto donations and stocks. You can sign up for monthly donations and make a difference by shopping at Pet Express through the Cat Town Oakland affiliate link. A portion of every sale through the Cat Town Oakland affiliate link goes towards the shelter’s cause.

While built as meme tokens, $DINGER and $PAWTH aim to transcend the meme world to make a real change in the world today. By building a community of thoughtful investors, Schrodinger hopes to support more donations in the future. The project will be more than an internet sensation, aiming to make the world a better place, one pet at a time.

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