SEC Seeks Permission To Appeal Key Rulings in Ripple Case

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed a new motion seeking certification for an interlocutory appeal of two critical rulings in its ongoing legal battle against Ripple Labs.

crypto-industry">Appeal Could Impact Wider Crypto Industry

The SEC is requesting permission to appealJudge Torres' findings that Ripple's programmatic sales of XRP did not constitute investment contracts, and that its distributions of XRP as payment for services did not qualify as securities transactions.

These determinations significantly limited the scope of the SEC's claims against Ripple. Now, the agency argues an immediate appellate review is needed to resolve differing legal interpretations that could impact similar crypto cases.

The motion cites the Terraform Labs case, where another court disagreed with Judge Torres' ruling on programmatic sales. The SEC says settling these issues could accelerate the Ripple case conclusion and provide clarity for the broader crypto asset industry.

Not an Actual Appeal Yet

However, attorney Jeremy Hogan points out the filing is not technically an appeal itself. Rather, it asks the court to certify issues for appeal before any higher court review.

This distinction means the ongoing district court case will continue while the judge decides whether to grant certification. An actual appeal would only occur if certification is approved.

Wider Ramifications

Regardless of the specifics, the case continues to have far-reaching implications for crypto regulation.

The core issues around whether XRP transactions qualified as securities distributions directly impact the regulatory standing of other major cryptocurrencies.

How courts ultimately interpret these questions could set influential precedents for the treatment of crypto assets. And the latest SEC motion shows the agency still hopes to reverse the rulings limiting its case against Ripple on appeal.

A Pivotal Moment for Crypto Regulation

The SEC v. Ripple lawsuit represents a critical juncture for crypto's legal and regulatory landscape. How the security classification issues are resolved may establish frameworks that govern the industry for years.

While Ripple scored a partial win, the SEC maintains confidence it can overturn key findings on appeal. Certification would be the first step for the agency to get a more favorable ruling.

Regardless of the outcome, the case will provide much-needed jurisprudence. The appeal could help settle divisive questions, or lead to years more legal wrangling. But the precedent set will shape the regulatory trajectory of crypto assets and businesses.

Both sides face risks if certification is approved. The SEC might not convince a higher court to overturn Judge Torres' rulings. But Ripple would also have to defend its favorable judgments.

All stakeholders are awaiting the judge's decision on the SEC's certification request. But the lasting impact of the eventual ruling is already apparent as the crypto industry's legal destiny hangs in the balance.

How Would a Successful SEC Appeal Impact the Crypto Market?

If the SEC succeeds in getting certiorari and wins an appeal reversing the summary judgment order, it would significantly strengthen the agency's hand in pursuing enforcement actions against crypto issuers. Platforms allowing secondary market XRP trading could also face renewed legal risks.

The market impact would likely depend on the scope of the appellate decision. An overly broad ruling that many cryptocurrencies are securities could spark panic selling and a rush toward regulatory compliance. But a narrower holding specific to XRP may have less market-wide impact.

In any case, a victory for the SEC on appeal could chill crypto innovation if projects fear aggressive enforcement actions. It would reinforce the SEC's role as the top US crypto regulator. However the appellate court ultimately rules, regulatory clarity provided by the case remains a net positive for the maturing crypto asset market.


The SEC's latest motion seeks permission to appeal key legal victories won by Ripple regarding whether XRP transactions qualified as securities. The agency argues immediate appellate guidance is needed on issues impacting the broader crypto industry.

While not yet an actual appeal, certification would allow the case to move to a higher court. The precedent ultimately set by the lawsuit will have far-reaching implications on crypto regulation. All parties now await the judge's ruling on the SEC's request as the case enters a pivotal phase.

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