Selective VC Interest Highlights Maturing Crypto Investment Culture

The crypto winter has dampened venture capital investment, with funding down 75% from August 2021 highs according to DeFiLlama. However, while frothy valuations are correcting, some sectors like DeFi, NFTs, and Bitcoin staking are still garnering selective VC attention.

This signals a maturing investment culture focused on quality over hype - a positive trend for Bitcoin's longevity. Investors increasingly recognize crypto's cyclicality, leaning into high-conviction bets rather than chasing frothy trends.

Evan Van Ness aptly notes the problem is not access to capital, but too few high-quality projects worth funding now. The robust health of many crypto VC funds confirms the readiness to deploy once the environment improves.

This patience again reflects maturing investment habits appropriate for long-term crypto adoption. In parallel, VCs are gravitating to sectors with tangible utility like decentralized finance and institutional on-ramps like liquid staking.

For example, Pendle Finance saw interest for its tokenized yield and real-world assets. Maple Finance raised capital to expand tokenized real-world assets for institutions. Solana DEX Ellipsis Labs and staking provider Stroom also attracted funding.

The continued interest in NFTs likewise highlights belief in their long-term creative and community-building potential despite short-term fluctuations. As speculators depart, true collectors and builders remain engaged.

These trends mirror Bitcoin's own maturation, as short-term traders give way to long-term believers. Patient capital will sustain Bitcoin's growth as its network, brand, and utility build over successive market cycles.

How Does Selective Investment Strengthen Bitcoin's Fundamentals?

Selective crypto investment even in downturns strengthens Bitcoin in several ways:

  • Highlights Bitcoin's prestige as many altcoins struggle for funding.
  • Confirms VC confidence in crypto's long-term trajectory.
  • Stabilizes markets and development as quality projects stay funded.
  • Promotes projects that reinforce Bitcoin's utility like staking services.
  • Filters out less robust tokens, preventing toxicity to Bitcoin's brand.
  • Demonstrates crypto fundamentals matter more than hype to smart money.
  • Keeps builder energy focused on creating real utility.
  • Maintains openness to innovation that can expand Bitcoin's audience.
  • Positions Bitcoin for the next growth cycle as others lose steam.

Overall, disciplined investment sustains Bitcoin's foundations while maturing the broader crypto ecosystem for sustainable adoption.

How Could Bitcoin Attract More Startup Venture Capital?

Despite its maturity, Bitcoin can lure more startup investment by:

  • Actively engaging VCs to clarify Bitcoin's roadmap and opportunities.
  • Organizing hackathons to spur development of novel Bitcoin solutions.
  • Establishing incubators and accelerators to nurture Bitcoin entrepreneurs.
  • Highlighting gaps in products/services Bitcoin users want.
  • Building tools and platforms to streamline BTC-based apps and services.
  • Improving developer resources for creating Bitcoin-native solutions.
  • Targeting networking opportunities with new Bitcoin-centric investors.
  • Exploring venture funding mechanisms inherent to Bitcoin's ethos.
  • Creating grant programs for open-source Bitcoin infrastructure.
  • Quantifying massive addressable markets for Bitcoin startups.
  • Offering financial/technical support for VC portfolio companies using bitcoin.
  • Standardizing regulations and policy to reduce startup uncertainty.

Attracting venture capital ensures a pipeline of talent tackling Bitcoin's most pressing challenges and opportunities.


The ongoing, selective crypto VC interest despite depressed markets highlights maturation toward long-term conviction. Investors increasingly recognize hype cycles while remaining engaged with technical builders. This emerging patience and discipline strengthen Bitcoin's credibility as it steadily cements status as the supreme digital store of value.


I predict that within 3 years, Bitcoin will be an explicit target sector for at least 20% of active crypto venture capital funds worldwide. This stable capital pool will fund development of solutions tailored for Bitcoin's scaling needs and growing user base. Tens of thousands of talented builders will apply their skills to comprehensively build out the Bitcoin ecosystem. The results will reinforce Bitcoin's dominance and utility for the next billion users.

In summary, continued strategic venture capital interest in crypto highlights a pivot from speculation to mature investment habits appropriate for Bitcoin. Prioritizing quality over hype, even during downturns, cements Bitcoin's foundations for the long term.

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