Setting a Digital Comics Precedence in the NFT Industry Through the Journey Of Stardust

Setting a Digital Comics Precedence in the NFT Industry Through the Journey Of Stardust

Unlike most nascent trends in the crypto space, non-fungible tokens [NFTs] have experienced an unprecedented rise in interest, partly by dint of the recent collaborations, projects, and celebrity entry into the space. With over $10.7 billion worth of NFT collections sold in the third quarter of 2021 alone, the market is growing exponentially, with a focus on almost every facet of life and art. Sauntering an untrodden yet potentially replete route, Journey Of Stardust, a new NFT collection is seeking to set precedence and establish itself as a leader in the digital comics aspect of the budding NFT market.

Spanning 100 pages of unique, wholesome, and aesthetically pleasing pages of comics, the creator, per a recent press release, is giving out 10 pages of this comic in an attempt to garner interest in the project.

The Tale of Stardust

Allowing a plethora of use cases, NFT and its accompanying technology will power digital comics. Piggybacking on this, Journey Of Stardust is a story of Stardust; a young and talented wizard who embarks on an adventure to explore his homeland. On this journey, he unveils the brewing conflict between humans and wizards. However, this conflict is only a diminutive part of what could befall them both if they don't quell this dispute and fight together against something capable of wiping them off the surface of the Earth.

The idea behind the creation of this new and mind-blowing comic as an NFT is significantly rewarding. First, it grants fans of this comic series access to unique pages. With ten pages expected to be given out as part of the marketing team's plan to create hype around this emerging project, the remainder will be put up for sale on OpenSea — one of the leading NFT marketplaces.

Leveraging BitColors NFT collection as a muse, this digital comic will provide readers with hundreds of hand-crafted and drawn names and colors, all of which will feature in the recurring Journey Of Stardust.

Digital Comics — Is There Potential?

With interest in digital comics heightening, according to 2020 and 2021 reports from Statista and Good e-Reader, respectively, there is untapped potential in this market and the creator of this comic series is seeking to not only launch an NFT collection but lay a foundation for future digital comic artists.

Per one of the aforementioned sources, a large number of comic book readers prefer to read their comics in digital format, partly because they are easier to share amongst friends and family. Not surprisingly, Journey Of Stardust embodies, in all ramifications, this vision and has introduced different colors to convey varying meanings and interpretations to readers, guaranteeing them a unique reader experience.

Leveraging scarcity, which is one core feature of NFTs, Journey Of Stardust currently has a significant and positive appeal on readers, especially on social media. Owing to NFTs’ core feature, it is bound to go viral as it is a one-of-a-kind collection. This project will enlarge the scope of the NFT space, setting precedence for the future proliferation of this niche.

It is the vision of the project creators to see more digital comics tokenized on a blockchain in no distant time.

Through the use of NFT technology, every page will have only one owner, however, anyone can read the comic without necessarily owning them. True fans who understand the Stardust tale will love to own at least a page of this pioneer digital comic and the only way they can do that is by copping the Journey Of Stardust NFTs which will be made available on the OpenSea marketplace.

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