Shopify platform can now support NFT trading and minting

Shopify platform can now support NFT trading and minting
Photo by Roberto Cortese / Unsplash

In a release from the prominent e-commerce and payment service firm, Shopify said that its platform is now NFT-enabled. On the site, users can now mint and exchange items.

Shopify teamed up with GigLabs to use their NFT blockchain-based technology platform to make this service accessible. Additionally, NFT based on other blockchain networks like Ethereum, Polygon, and others may be created by collaborating with partner applications. "Our booming NFT app ecosystem reflects our commitment to give merchants an easy solution to selling digital assets directly via their Shopify shops," says Shopify's Product Director, Robleh Jama."

Shopify Payments and Shop Pay are two options for NFT enthusiasts who wish to buy the items. Cryptocurrency, credit, and debit cards are all accepted payment methods on the site. After making a purchase, customers will get an email with their NFT, which they can then use to save it immediately in their digital wallets.

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According to the material on the company's website, this NFT solution is presently accessible for Shopify Plus merchants in the United States. However, to add this new feature to the Shopify Plus account, such customers will need to contact GigLabs NFT, a partner with Shopify on this project, to get necessary technical assistance.

Firms like BreakingT and Infinite Objects, according to an official memo released, will be the first to use the app's platform-based service. The companies plan to work together to generate new revenue streams and strengthen client loyalty. GigLabs collaborated extensively with both companies to design and develop the software.

Shopify has a long road ahead of it in the crypto world, and this is only the beginning. It began taking Bitcoin in 2020 when it partnered with BTCPay. The open-source solution it provided also enabled several features in Shopify-based shops.

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