Singaporean Billionaire’s Son Launches NFT Community

Singaporean Billionaire’s Son Launches NFT Community
Photo by Mike Enerio / Unsplash

ARC, a private NFT community, has been launched in Singapore by Elroy Cheo and Kiat Lim. The two entrepreneurs combined efforts to create an NFT community to bring together the next entrepreneurs from Asia via a digital platform backed by blockchain technology.

According to Lim, this community is an exclusive one, and it consists of business tycoons from Asia, renowned venture capitalists, experts in cryptocurrency and Web3, and popular influencers.

While commenting on the launch of the community, Lim stated that

"Access today, share opportunities tomorrow, that's our tokenization strategy and what makes ARC stand out from any other networking platform."

As for Cheo, he opined that the community will serve as:

"A safe space for Asia's dynamic and purpose-driven generation to connect authentically."

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It is important to note that this is the second tech startup co-founded by Lim within the space of 4 months. The first is ZujuGP, a virtual community targeted at uniting football with technology and social communication. Kiat co-founded this startup with his father. Evidently, Kiat Lim is a man building for the future, as seen in both startups' core beliefs. Just like how Kiat Lim believes that with a community like ZujuGP, "the future of football belongs to the next generation," the core belief underlying his new startup, ARC, is to create a "bridge across the real and virtual world today, and, in the near future, the ARC metaverse."

Aside from bringing about business partnerships among business tycoons and developers, the NFT community will be used as a medium for its members to have business conversations regularly.

In addition, the company plans to upgrade the platform by adding features like the ARC Metaverse, DeFi, and gaming. The platform's beta version is currently available only on the apple store for iPhone users. To subscribe, members need to use NFTs to verify their subscriptions. However, the android version of the ARC app is still being developed by the company.

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