Spending Bitcoin, where bitcoin can be used?

If you want to know where Bitcoin can be used, the answer is more places all the time. With the advent of crypto exchanges that allow merchants to swap Bitcoin for pretty much any fiat currency, the use of Bitcoin at a retail level has exploded.

There are a number of reliable crypto debit card providers that allow anyone in a qualifying region to use cryptos, including Bitcoin, like any other currency with a debit card that is backed by Visa or Mastercard. This makes it easy to use Bitcoin like cash for day to day purchases.

If you are an online shopper, there is no reason why you can't use the same Bitcoin debit card to use Bitcoin instead of fiat currency. For people that want to use Bitcoin directly, there are also loads of options, especially in Western Europe and North America.

Bitcoin has also become a go-to way for people who need to send money abroad to sidestep the existing options. Cryptos are easy to send directly to anyone in the world with an internet connection, but they can also be used to buy gift cards that can then be traded or used in another country.

If you want to start using Bitcoin in your life, either for saving or spending, do some research into what options you have in your region, and see how it can be your next currency of choice.

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