SPIN enters partnership with NAX to create eco-friendly NFT digital marketplace

SPIN enters partnership with NAX to create eco-friendly NFT digital marketplace

SPIN, arguably one of the biggest and most influential American media companies, partners with NAX, a platform that seeks to offer liquidity to corporate assets to create what is called a “sustainable” NFT based on the former’s celebrated and legendary photography.

Being the first mainstream media platform to make its 36 years archive available as an NFT, SPIN seeks to leverage NAX's unique methodology and software to create an eco-friendly and sustainable NFT option.

While there's a massive NFT boom, one of the downsides of this trend is its negative impact on the environment. On a mission to preserve our planet, SPIN in partnership with NAX will leverage energy-efficient and ESG friendly technology, in the same vein laying the groundwork for the advancement of sustainable NFT.

According to this legendary media company, the NFT selections will feature some of the company's best and seldom seen videos, photography, limited edition covers, as well as other media-related collections.

In addition to all of these, exclusive videos, custom collaborations, and partnerships with musicians, celebrities, brands, and artists will be equally considered for minting. BTC (behind-the-scene) coverages, quality TV shows, and SPIN's art store will offer the public real and value-based content.

Speaking to reporters, CEO and Founder of NAX Jeff Schumacher described this partnership as one that will unlock the true value of these assets while offering them to the public in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner.

With partnerships like this, the $688,000 art created by a humanoid robot sold recently as an NFT may just become old news.

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