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On the 15th December 2021, one of Spring's ballyhooed Xbox shooters, STALKER 2, announced their plans to incorporate the game into NFTs. This strategic move comes as an offshoot of similar gaming companies, which have threaded the same path, namely Ubisoft games and Peter Molyneux's fever dreams.

It is noteworthy to mention that STALKER 2, which is the next entry in a long derelict series of horror shooters, has been around for a while. At first, it was announced in the year 2010 but was canceled twice. Afterward, it featured again in 2018, and this time, it became stable. Consequently, GSC, STALKER 2 game developer, had gone on to hint and display lengthy versions of the game in magnificent trailers this year.

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As part of an attempt to morph into the metaverse and blockchain networks, GSC will auction off the chance to photogrammetrically scan a player's face into a non-player's character in what would be considered the first-ever 'Metaman'. Similarly, STALKER 2 will hop into the NFT trend as said to be announced in February. It suffices to note that the intention is not devoid of logicality or antecedence. The prior niggling concern as to the delicate nature of NFTs is now well and truly jettisoned. As seen recently, Video game makers are looking towards adopting blockchain models into gaming. STALKER 2 NFT will work on the DMarket marketplace.

However, the possible environmental impact does not go without mentioning. According to the European Environment Agency, cryptocurrencies consume "massive" energy. Also, an article published in March 2021 revealed that "Bitcoin mining could consume energy equal to all the world's data centers combined." GSC's stance on this remains largely unknown, although they have stressed the fact that entry into this venture will not imply an undue advantage to other players.

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