Starsharks Officially Launch Starsharks.Warriors, Blow NFT and Metaverse Space

Starsharks Officially Launch Starsharks.Warriors, Blow NFT and Metaverse Space
Photo by David Clode / Unsplash

Non-Fungible Tokens continue to enjoy steady growth in reputation within the crypto space and recently, StarSharks, an NFT-GameFi platform, announced the official launch of its first-ever game known as the StarSharks.Warriors. The announcement was made by the Chief Executive Officer of StarSharks, Mr. Franky, who stated that the firm was excited to bring its users to the StarSharks metaverse through its first game platform, StarSharks.Warriors. According to him, this latest release would serve as a start towards their goal to become a passionate, creative and cohesive team.

The game was built for the use of both beginners and experts alike. Rules of play are easy to comprehend, together with skill mechanisms designed with exciting and challenging infinite strategy combinations. The game also comes with a shark-themed metaverse defined and sustained by community members using a sustainable financial system. The game can be played in two modes; a PvP mode and PvE mode. The PvE mode comes with an adventure mode and is continuously improved upon through different feedbacks from members of the StarSharks community.

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Additionally, a training mode for players is presently being designed to enable beginners to get started. Players are matched against each other based on their rankings, and each game usually commences with six cards issued at random. The NFT sharks used for the games can be raised, formed, beaten, and played in various games. Participants can be the real owners of their shark warriors since the NFT blockchain offers such power to their users. The NFT sharks also contain components such as shark body parts, colors, art cards, genes, and characteristics.

This latest launch follows StarSharks’ recent $4.8 million fundraising program that drew participants from various popular brands such as Kucoin Labs, YGG SEA, DAO Maker, Labs, Binance Laps, among others. Before the launch, Binance Labs, which is the firm's venture capital arm and the Binance enclosure, was responsible for raising funds for the running of the shark metaverse.

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