Survey: 42% of Texans want to make Bitcoin legal tender

Survey: 42% of Texans want to make Bitcoin legal tender

A recent poll conducted by Redfield & Wilton Strategies on 9,700 eligible voters suggests that 42% of Texans would vote to make Bitcoin an official currency.

The survey also revealed that Texas is the crypto-friendliest swing state in the US.

Meanwhile, about 40% of respondents from Arizona were totally against the idea of making Bitcoin legal tender. Only 23% supported the initiative. Overall, one out of three Americans who reside in swing states fully backs Bitcoin.

Georgia had the highest share of eligible voters who had no clue about cryptocurrencies. 14% of the respondents were in this category. On the flip side, Florida appears to be the most crypto-savvy state, with only 8% of voters from the “Sunshine State” remaining blissfully unaware of the new asset class.

Most of those who do not own cryptocurrency say their lack of knowledge about the industry is the main reason they had not ventured into the sector.

In similar news, BTC PEERS reported that 48% of Brazilians are in favor of making Bitcoin a legal currency.

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