Taiko to Release NFT Mystery Boxes on Binance NFT Market Place, Featuring Internet Sensation Celebrity Cats for a Good Cause

Taiko to Release NFT Mystery Boxes on Binance NFT Market Place, Featuring Internet Sensation Celebrity Cats for a Good Cause
Photo by Alvan Nee / Unsplash

It was discovered within the last 24 hours that Taiko NFT, an international creative agency that allows creators and holders of intellectual property to narrate their stories and build communities via NFTs, has the intention to release its first-ever collection of NFT mystery boxes that will consist of real-life celebrity cats. The collection would consist of household feline names that have influenced the internet and pop culture, including Grumpy Cat, Smudge Lord, Coffee, Coby the Cat, Izzy, and Zoe.

The launch is to take place on Binance NFT Marketplace on January 7, 2022, at 11:00 am UTC. The Non- Fungible Cat NEKO(NFC-NEKO) would encompass the celebrity cats adorned with robots suits to defend their obsession-food- against adverse forces that have dominated their world. The cats must be in unison to fight against the common enemy and ensure the safety of one another.

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Interestingly, the NFC-NEKO collection has been positioned for a good cause, asides from the fun, half of the royalties and 5% of the gross proceeds will be contributed to five animal welfare charities picked by humans who care about the felines featured in the collection, in order to ensure that NFC-NEKOs and holders do well in the real world. Maxime Girault, a digital artist who is based in Paris and New York and specializes in illustrations of animals, is the principal designer of each NFC-NEKO. The name NFC-NEKOs is derived from Maneki-Neko, the figures “lucky cat’ that are Japanese and are hoped to bring good fortune to their owners.

In total, 27,200 mystery boxes are hoped to be released, priced at 28 BUSD each or at a rough estimate of US$28. They are to be categorized into four tiers of rarity:

·       Normal NFC-NEKOs consist of five famous internet cats in their unique mecha units. Each of the suits is designed to represent its pilot and their personality

·       Rare NFC NEKOs consist of classic designs with diverse forms- Grumpy Cat Ancient Tree Version, Smudge Vegetal Ingested Mode, Coby Space Expedition, Coffee Porcelain Armor, and Zoe Flourished Type. Each of them will have a unique solo adventure.

·       Super Rare golden mecha NFC-NEKOs come together to form the Best Cats Neko, unveiling the collaborative power to protect the world.

·       Super Super Rare NFC-NEKO is the principal commander, Grumpy Cat Eternal Green Force, directing the NFC-NEKO force to defend peace and prosperity.

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