Techemy Capital rolls out managed DeFi portfolio

Techemy Capital rolls out managed DeFi portfolio

Techemy Capital and Enzyme Finance have launched a managed DeFi portfolio. The new product will give accredited investors access to the entire Ethereum DeFi ecosystem.

The managed DeFi portfolio gives investors full control over their assets via non-custodial storage. Investors can hedge their exposure to DeFi through insurance-like coverage against smart contract failures. They can also withdraw their assets at any time. Funds are protected through partnerships with Nexus Mutual and Unslashed Finance.

For a start, the asset allocation of the product includes Chainlink, Band Protocol, SuschiSwap, Ren Protocol, Uniswap, and several other cryptocurrencies.

According to Techemy Capital portfolio manager Josh Olszewicz, the product will focus on intra-sector growth, particularly leading decentralized oracles, decentralized exchanges and DEX aggregators, lending and borrowing apps, and inter-blockchain liquidity wrappers. “All of these services are mainstays in the DeFi ecosystem and the main pillars in the DeFi ethos,” Josh said.

Techemy Capital was launched in 2017 as an authorized Financial Services Provider in New Zealand.

The move to launch a DeFi product does not come as a surprise. The sector has been booming since last year. As of press time, the product already had over $350,000 in assets under management.

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