Teletubbies to jump on Bitcoin train

Teletubbies to jump on Bitcoin train

Popular British television series, Teletubbies, has left clues suggesting that it may be interested in Bitcoin.

A tweet from the official Twitter account of the show has caught the attention of several players in the cryptocurrency space. Teletubbies posted a message yesterday with the Bitcoin hashtag, featuring two of the show’s characters – Tinky Winky and Po. Both characters had laser eyes and were standing next to a giant question mark.

For some insight, editing images to include laser eyes has become somewhat of a cliché in the cryptocurrency space. It is used to symbolize adoption and bullish sentiment.

Looking at the demographic for Teletubbies, some have argued that the TV series is merely trying to jump on the trend and pull an April Fools’ Day joke.

The tweet dropped amid the show’s 24th-anniversary celebration. There are many guesses here. Teletubbies may want to prank its 14,500 Twitter followers with the release of an NFT. Another guess is that the show may want to include cryptocurrency education in its series.

Recall that a three-year-old, Lily Knight, went viral in the crypto space in February after releasing a video explaining Bitcoin’s limited supply. And let’s not forget Elon Musk’s 10-month-old son, who is already a Dogecoin hodler.

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