Tennis player sells a section of her skin as NFT

Tennis player sells a section of her skin as NFT

Oleksandra Oliynykova ranked 658th in the WTA (Women's Tennis Association) like her peers have jumped on the NFT frenzy, albeit taking things up a notch.

While her counterparts are dropping digital art collections on marketplaces, Oliynykova has put her skin in the game, literally.

Less than 6 days after putting up the section between her shoulder and elbow for auction on NFT marketplace OpenSea, the 20-year old Croatian tennis player has just sold off exclusive ownership of a part of her arm for over $5,000. Not entirely new, body billboards or temporary tattoos as they were called used to be a trend in the 2000s.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, OpenSea marketplace users bid for this NFT with ETH. Oliynykova’s NFT sold for 3 Ether which at the time of sale was valued at $5,415.

Speaking to reporters, the Croatian professional tennis player revealed that the buyer, OpenSea user JumpHigh can commission either a tattoo or a temporal artwork on that section of her arm.

Pledged to bring the buyer's artwork to every tennis court she plays, Oliynykova stated that her career although at an infant phase is on the rise and will see her travel to all of the biggest tennis locations in the world.

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