The Chainge Finance DEX: earn big by contributing to its liquidity pools

The Chainge Finance DEX: earn big by contributing to its liquidity pools

The DeFi sector has brought the ability to earn in the cryptocurrency industry by significantly reducing the exposure to risk that traders had to deal with in the earlier years of crypto. This came in the form of passive income, where users got to engage in various activities like staking, liquidity providing, lending, and alike, to use their dormant cryptocurrencies in a way that can help others, as well as earn them passive income.

Understanding this allowed DeFi to take off and become the biggest crypto trend, as there was no longer need to risk assets in trades — the only thing users needed to watch out for is volatility. But, HODLers are usually not that concerned with short-term volatility either, so they only stood to gain.

The Chainge DEX, a decentralized exchange running on the Fusion blockchain, understood this. Despite already being a DeFi business, it also decided to branch out and offer additional DeFi activities, including liquidity mining. Previously, the exchange made headlines by launching the first-ever DeFi options DEX, and now, its liquidity pools started attracting attention.

Chainge DEX’s liquidity pools: Are they as good as they sound?

As some are likely already aware, liquidity pools of decentralized finance are pools of tokens that are locked within a smart contract. They are used to facilitate efficient asset trading, and at the same time, they allow investors to earn returns on their existing holdings.

Basically, investors offer their dormant coins to the DEX and get passive income in the form of rewards for participating in increasing the liquidity in the Chainge DEX . In other words, liquidity pools are AMMs (Automated Market Makers) that offer liquidity to avoid large price swings for assets, in case the demand rises or drops.

The rewards are arguably higher than what many would expect, and they are distributed in the exchange’s native token, CHNG. The fact that rewards are distributed in CHNG makes things easier for the exchange, since its APYs are dependent on the CHNG price. Another reason why APYs are as high as they are is arbitrage.

The platform also offers very generous APYs for Futures which basically make up for single token farming.

Details about Chainge DEX’s liquidity pools

Thanks to its reliance on smart contracts, users can know that their funds are safely locked up and available for withdrawal at any time. Meanwhile, there are nearly 150 liquidity pools available to investors, with the most rewarding at the time of writing being TF-USDT/USDT, which pairs USDT with USDT futures. This particular pool alone has a TVL of $20.6 million, and the CHNG reward for it is 108.917%.

In truth, this pool shares the first spot according to the height of the reward with another, TF-BTC/BTC. Like the former one, this one also pairs a cryptocurrency — in this case, Bitcoin — with Bitcoin futures, although its TVL is slightly more than half of the previous one, sitting at $11.88 million.

With that said, the pool did see a 13% decrease of its TVL in the last 24 hours, potentially due to the recent Bitcoin price drop that took the coin’s price down by around $5,000. Bitcoin dropped by 13.7% in the last 24 hours, which has been known to happen before, but that is the price of dealing with volatile assets such as digital currencies.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Chainge DEX Liquidity pools and how you can start earning today by putting your assets to work, you can check out this in depth article on Chainge’s medium channel. You can also follow Сhainge Finance on twitter for more updates:

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