The First Two Ordinals Marketplaces Are Now Live

The First Two Ordinals Marketplaces Are Now Live

Ordinals have seen a steady rise in popularity recently, some are even keen to call it the direct replacement of Ethereum and Solana NFTs. In this piece, I'll briefly look at the first two ordinals marketplaces that are now live and how they are essential to maintaining the growth Inscriptions are enjoying.
The presence of a free marketplace for Inscriptions is key to the success of the Ordinals project and Rodarmor has always reiterated this. He has explained that the presence of a trustless marketplace and decentralized exchange platform for transacting with ordinals is pivotal. The first two ordinals marketplaces to go live are ORDX and ORDSWAP.


You asked and Ordx delivered. Here is the safest ordinals marketplace actively being used by many bitcoin and ordinals enthusiasts. The marketplace rose as a solution to the apparent need for a fast way to buy and sell inscriptions. Two parties can now transact actively in the trustless market as ordinals continue to gain steadily in the market.


Ordswap is set up as the first trustless ordinals marketplace. It also doubles as an ordinals wallet as enthusiasts can easily inscribe, buy, and sell ordinals on the platform. The marketplace also prides itself on the fact that it’s the cheapest inscription minter available right now. It also doesn’t compress images making it very sought after among those actively involved in the ordinals project. Most importantly, ORDSWAP provides an easy and intuitive platform for users to engage with inscriptions. Trading on ORDSWAP represents a significant step in the growth and expansion of the ordinals project.


As the first two ordinals marketplaces go live, the future of the ordinals project looks more promising than ever. These marketplaces provide a trustless and decentralized platform for enthusiasts to transact and engage with ordinals in exciting new ways.

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