Fighting Gas Costs, EmiSwap IDO all Set on Multiple Launchpads

Fighting Gas Costs, EmiSwap IDO all Set on Multiple Launchpads

Leveraging the power of DeFi, EmiSwap is a decentralized exchange that offers multiple benefits to its users, including compensation for the high gas costs they have to bear for executing transactions. Empowering users, its ESW token is all ready to be kicked off on multiple platforms.

With limited tokens up for grabs from the total of 200 million, EmiSwap offers users to not only swap but stake and farm the tokens for profits.

The Launch Schedule

To make it easier for interested parties to get their hands on the ESW token, EmiSwap is simultaneously offering the digital token on multiple DEXs at the same time, enabling the maximum possibility of access to users:

Internal Launchpad: Token sale has started from 28th June on the EmiSwap platform itself and people who want to acquire the ESW need to clear the platform’s KYC process to be able to qualify to buy the token.

Zendit: Backed by MANTRA DAO, Zendit is a platform that offers complete transparent records of token sales, including which party has acquired how many tokens and a detailed record of the tokens distributed. This transparency helps combat whales and market manipulators, ensuring the long term viability of the project. ESW sales being on 29th June 2021.

Ignition: A part of the holistic DEX and business-oriented ecosystem PAID Network, Ignition is very particular about selecting only top-notch tokens for its IDO. ESW qualifies and the token will be available for Ignition users from 30th June 2021.

The internal and external DEX launches of ESW mean that the token will have maximum exposure towards interested parties and at the same time, make it convenient for users to purchase the tokens and use these for the vast services being offered by the platform.

What EmiSwap Offers

More than just a DEX, EmiSwap offers a multitude of services and options that its users can leverage to create new sources of income.

As a DEX, EmiSwap will offer a variety of tokens that users can buy, sell and trade. Since EmiSwap is a decentralized exchange, the platform works on a non-custodial pattern and never holds user tokens. At the same time, EmiSwap is also planning to offer advanced trading orders such as Limit, Stop Market and Stop Limit so that traders can enjoy discovering prices according to their desires.

A unique feature of EmiSwap is its compensatory services. Even though Ethereum gas costs are at the lowest in 2021, the fact of the matter is that it is still many folds higher than what it was a year ago. At its extreme, an average transaction would set back a user by nearly $70. The high gas cost is a barrier that must be overcome in order to make DeFi and DEX services feasible to all and EmiSwap achieves this by compensating the transaction costs through 100% distribution of its profits to ESW holders.

ESW is also a governance token which means that ESW holders can vote on the future development of the protocol and earn 0.05% from any operation on the DEX.

As an AMM, EmiSwap also offers its users the ability to stake in different liquidity pools and farm profits. Users will also have the ability to farm and stake ESW to get yield-boosting NFTs. The NFTs are based on Magic Cards and as such, each unique token represents a different character that has varying abilities and powers that increase user’s rewards on the exchange including LP and swappers’ bonuses. The NFTs can also be used in virtual tournaments, creating gamification opportunities, with the last man standing winning different prizes.

The NFTs have six different categories, each one rarer than the last. Rare characters have more stats than others and this translates into higher chances of winning fights.

While EmiSwap’s services ensure that every user will have it easy to create new sources of income for themselves, the platform takes it a step further by rolling out cross-chain services. Initially, on the Ethereum chain, EmiSwap will also launch on Binance Smart Chain and Huobi Chain in the coming future.

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