The People of Gala Games

The People of Gala Games
“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” -Vince Lombardi, legendary football coach
“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team” -Phil Jackson, legendary basketball coach

The Players Make the Team

No matter who said it and whether they were a part of a sports, business, or government organization, it always rings true: Excellence is born of outstanding teamwork. So when Gala Games began building a team of some of the most outstanding veterans of the video game industry, it became clear that they were destined for excellence.

Gala Games is creating one of the largest gaming platforms of tomorrow, built on web3 technology and allowing players to own their gaming experience. Blockchain transactions and player-owned NFTs allow members of the Gala Games ecosystem greater freedom and control than gamers have ever known. With massively popular NFT presales like that of Gala’s upcoming MMORPG, Mirandus, the company is attracting huge attention from many of the nearly 3 billion gamers in the world. That attention is not limited simply to players of games, but some of the greatest design and development experts that video games have ever known. Gala Games’ mission of player empowerment resounds with many brilliant creators. Here are some of them who have already teamed up with Gala Games.

Building With the Best

Eric Schiermeyer - One of the most crucial components to the success of an incredible team is its leadership, and that success begins with CEO Eric Schiermeyer, a well-known innovator and entrepreneur who has lived throughout his professional career on the cutting edge of gaming. Eric was the co-founder of the massively popular Zynga, publisher of multi-million-player mobile games with mainstream appeal and has created Gala Games from a vision to empower players through ownership and blockchain technology.

John Osvald - It was announced on June 10th that 15 year gaming industry power player John Osvald has joined Gala Games as President of Games. Mr. Osvald worked on designs for some of Zynga’s most successful games in the early 2000s, before leaving Zynga to co-found both Shiver Entertainment and Carnivore Studios, then working as Head of Products for Electronic Arts' Mobile Division. He has now joined Gala Games to oversee expansion and the onboarding of new games to be added to the Gala Games ecosystem.

Michael McCarthy - The creative mastermind behind the first playable Gala Games game was also the Creative Director of Farmville 2, one of Zynga’s most successful games, which at its height of popularity had around 50 million monthly players. Michael McCarthy has been a visionary in video game design and creation for two decades.

T. Elliot Cannon - With decades of experience behind him in the mainstream gaming industry, T. Elliot Cannon is one of the latest MVPs to be brought into the Gala Games full time team. Mr. Cannon was one of the original designers at Epic Games in the mid 90s, and he has worked on titles like Unreal, Crysis, Killing Floor and Doom. He is a multi-talented writer, director and designer with a versatile set of invaluable skills, which are already being put to use by Gala Games. Mr. Cannon’s current position at Gala Games is Town Star Director.  

Jayne Peressini - The most recent addition to the winning team is Jayne Peressini, a power player in mobile marketing and an expert of company growth in the video game industry. She has left her most recent job - Senior Director of Mobile Marketing and Growth with Electronic Arts (EA) to join up with Gala Games as the new VP of Growth. Ms. Peressini works at the top of her field as a master in trends and new media. Gala Games is ecstatic to get a chance to benefit from her expertise and she is excited for the opportunity to begin a career in the rapidly growing world of blockchain gaming.

Craig Matchett - This talented 3D artist has worked in video gaming for over a decade, spending 8 years as a senior character artist for Electronic Arts (EA), during which he contributed to such well-known games as Dead Space, Battlefield Hardline and Star Wars: Ragtag. Other games in his artistic repertoire are The Outer Worlds, Tropico and Medal of Honor: European Assault, to name a few. Craig’s 3D work as a character artist is unmatched in the industry, promising to set Gala Games’ creations apart from the competition.

Lucas Feld - Mr. Feld is a renowned video game artist who joined Gala Games as Environmental Engineer in mid March of 2021. Having spent many years working on well-known titles such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, F3AR, The Outer Worlds, Camelot Unchained, Fracture and more, Lucas specializes in creating visual detail. Using 3d modeling, lighting and texturing techniques and detailed background visuals, Lucas Feld will help turn Gala Games into a living, breathing multitude of fantasy worlds for gamers to explore and enjoy.

Warren Marshall - In one of the latest of exciting additions to the all-star Gala Games team, accomplished 3d artist Warren Marshall was brought into the company in the role of Art Director. Mr. Marshall has worked for 20 years with professional studios on AAA games such as Epic Games’ Fortnight, Legend Entertainment’s Wheel of Time and many more. He hopes to share his valued experience with a company that deserves his expertise, and in that spirit he and Gala Games have found one another.

Concept Art House - Concept Art House is a concept art studio that builds worlds for video games, creating entire concepts that present games in truly stunning ways. They are the absolute best art production company in the industry. They have worked with the most popular games in the world, such as World of Warcraft, Magic: the Gathering, Clash of Clans, Hearthstone, PubG and more. Through an investment in this incredible studio, Gala Games has secured an exclusive team of dedicated artists to help build the future of gaming. Learn more about their partnership HERE.

Mission: Possible

Goals and missions as ambitious as those of Gala Games take a dream team to accomplish, and Gala Games is well on its way to creating one. Many would say that with such big names from the industry and over two centuries of combined gaming experience behind them, they are already there. Still, the company has huge plans for the future, namely becoming one of the largest and most successful gaming ecosystems in the world. For now, they are continually recruiting the best of the best from across the gaming industry to join them in their mission.

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