The Sandbox Rolls Out New Tools Ahead of Publishing Launch

According to the latest NFT news, the video game company The Sandbox has deployed new tools to help creators build experiences in preparation for the platform's upcoming publishing launch, according to a company announcement.

The publishing feature, expected to roll out fully by late 2023, will allow LAND owners to publish user-created experiences in The Sandbox metaverse. While currently in early access, the launch aims to open up the creation tools to all LAND owners by the end of the year.

To help creators prepare, The Sandbox has introduced tools to start building experiences, grow a following, and set access parameters without needing to own LAND first. Other updates include an expanded game making academy and linking tools to connect experiences to specific LAND parcels.

For creators without time to build their own experiences, The Sandbox has added a partner directory to connect with agencies. An added feature will let creators set gated access to experiences based on preferences like fees or NFT ownership.

The Sandbox states these tools aim to empower creators to develop their ideas and virtual spaces in anticipation of the upcoming publishing launch. As the metaverse platform gears up for this milestone, the creation suite provides new options for builders to customize their experiences.

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