The Shiba Inu crypto project has restarted its layer-2 blockchain network Shibarium

The Shiba Inu crypto project has restarted its layer-2 blockchain network Shibarium after a brief pause in block production that lasted nearly a full day. According to the Shibarium block explorer, the network has resumed generating new blocks after entering a fail-safe mode on August 17 that stopped transactions in order to protect funds amid unexpectedly high traffic volumes right after the mainnet launch.

Lead Shiba Inu developer Shytoshi Kusama confirmed that the spike in users and activity on the nascent blockchain led to some challenges, but maintained that all funds remain completely secured. He stated that both the bridge connecting Shibarium with the Ethereum blockchain and the Shibarium chain itself are now functioning smoothly again after the development team quickly identified and resolved the issues. Kusama expressed confidence that Shibarium is now ready for a swift and full restart of operations.

In an official blog update, Shiba Inu developer Kaal Dhairya provided more details about the team's plans to scale up Shibarium's capabilities to handle the massive amount of interest and transaction volumes. Shibarium is a customized fork of the popular Polygon blockchain network, and Dhairya revealed that some blocks were seeing "thousands upon thousands" of transactions like contract creations that overloaded the network's bandwidth. To prevent transactions from becoming stuck and to protect user funds, the network entered its pre-programmed fail-safe mode.

Going forward, the developers will be releasing periodic updates about Shibarium's status and making ongoing improvements to its ability to support heavy use without interruptions. They also revealed that Shiba Inu acquired $2 million in insurance coverage to mitigate any potential issues with users retrieving their funds after the restart.

This quick response and transparency from the project team seems to have reassured many members of the Shib Army community who had initially expressed some fears over the temporary shutdown being a negative sign. The leading Shiba Inu watchdog account @ShibInformer praised the developers' communication and transparency while cautioning followers to avoid spreading exaggerated fears, uncertainties, or doubts about the short pause.

However, some major holders of Shiba Inu's tokens did react to the shutdown by liquidating large portions of their holdings, likely out of caution in case any problems arose with the restart. WhaleStats data shows the top 100 SHIB holders have sold off more than 3.5 billion tokens worth over $30 million in the past day. Similar dumping of the related BONE and LEASH tokens affiliated with the project also occurred.

This selling pressure contributed to a significant crypto market price decline across the board for Shiba Inu's ecosystem. SHIB dropped nearly 12% over the past 24 hours to $0.0000078, down from highs above $0.000009 before the Shibarium halt. BONE fell even further, with its price plunging 18% to $1.15. Meanwhile, LEASH saw a more moderate 6% decrease to around $425. Each of the tokens have rebounded slightly from their 24-hour lows as confidence in Shibarium's successful reboot grows.

The launch of Shibarium was highly anticipated by the Shiba Inu investor community, as it promises faster transaction speeds and lower fees compared to the congested Ethereum blockchain where most SHIB activity currently takes place. By moving transactions onto Shibarium, users would pay gas fees of a tiny fraction of a cent rather than the exorbitant costs sometimes seen on Ethereum. This will make SHIB and its ecosystem far more usable for everyday payments and transactions.

Additionally, Shibarium will support staking rewards for users who lock up their tokens, providing extra incentives for holding onto the cryptocurrency. The combination of lower fees and staking returns would provide a major boost in utility for the Shiba Inu token, which originally started as more of a speculative meme coin rather than serving a concrete real-world purpose. Becoming the fuel and incentive mechanism for its own high-speed blockchain network gives SHIB enhanced functionality.

Shibarium represents a major milestone for the ongoing development of the Shiba Inu ecosystem, which now ranks among the top ten most valuable blockchain projects in the world. The team of volunteer developers lead the way in building out an array of products and features aimed at cementing Shiba Inu's status as a leading crypto contender.

In addition to Shibarium, the developers have released a beta version of the long-awaited Shiba Eternity collectible card game for mobile devices. The game allows players to win SHIB token rewards and in-game NFTs by competing in matches with virtual playing cards featuring various "Shiboshi" characters like dogs, cats, and other creatures. Its launch will make SHIB one of the first major cryptocurrencies to have its own playable game integrated with its blockchain ecosystem.

Shytoshi Kusama has hinted at even more ambitious upcoming additions like a potential Shiba Inu metaverse world that would compete with heavyweights like Decentraland and The Sandbox. While details remain scarce, Kusama suggested users will be able to purchase virtual land plots using SHIB where they can build games, art galleries, and other experiences. The opportunities for burn mechanisms that permanently destroy portions of the circulating supply to reduce inflation will also increase as more products launch.

Despite its runaway success climbing into the top tier of cryptocurrencies in under two years, Shiba Inu still attracts legions of skeptics who remain dubious about its staying power and dismiss it as an internet fad. They suggest meme-based coins like SHIB without any real utility cannot compete with more established blockchain leaders focused on decentralized finance and Web3 development like Ethereum.

However, the continued rapid innovation of offerings like Shibarium and Shiba Eternity suggest the developers are determined to prove the doubters wrong by methodically executing a long-term plan for earning Shiba Inu a respected spot as a true leader reshaping the crypto space. Rather than fading away, SHIB appears poised to further cement its status as a dominant force if the team can keep delivering on its technological roadmap.

Will the Shibarium shutdown and token price declines hurt investor confidence in the future of Shiba Inu?

The brief Shibarium shutdown and subsequent price drops for SHIB, LEASH, and BONE tokens undoubtedly shook some investor confidence and led to increased selling pressure. However, the quick resolution of the issues and transparency from the developers about the situation seems to have reassured much, but not all, of the Shiba Inu community.

While some investors will remain skittish after the incident, most recognize it as an expected growing pain for new networks dealing with scaled demand. As long as no major new issues crop up and the developers continue to deliver on promised products like Shiba Eternity, investor sentiment and token prices will likely rebound in the medium to long term. For committed community members, the temporary shutdown is a blip rather than a deal-breaker.

Can meme coins like SHIB compete with larger Ethereum and Web3 networks long-term?

Many critics argue that meme coins lack the real-world utility and technical foundations to compete with the top decentralized networks powering Web3 and DeFi innovation. However, Shiba Inu is rapidly evolving beyond its meme coin origins with groundbreaking launches like Shibarium and Shiba Eternity.

If the developers can continue executing their roadmap for enhanced ecosystem offerings, SHIB and its tokens stand a strong chance of cementing themselves as one of the integral players advancing the crypto and Web3 space. Rather than a joke, Shiba Inu may end up proving itself as one of the transformative blockchain projects that fundamentally reshapes the entire industry. Its community strength and developer resources suggest under-estimating SHIB's potential would be a mistake.

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