The solution to your DeFi Problems—FlourishingAI Technology

The solution to your DeFi Problems—FlourishingAI Technology
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The launch of Bitcoin as the premier cryptocurrency opened up endless opportunities for entry into the market. Thanks to blockchain technology, an array of trends have been launched and are currently offering real value to users. One of these trends experiencing remarkable growth with over $92.3 Billion in total value locked [TVL] is decentralized finance, better known as DeFi. Aimed at revolutionizing the financial industry through the integration of decentralization and other impressive features, DeFi is currently plagued with a few problems.

From its complex nature and existing barriers to entry to the lack of an advanced, powerful, and efficient portfolio management toolan answer to these challenges is imperative if the market is to continue growing at a steady rate.

There is now a solution.

Thanks to a team of innovative and forward-driven developers led by Eric Gonzalez, FlourishingAI has been launched as an answer to both of the previously mentioned drawbacks for traders in the United States and all over the world.

AI-driven DeFi Portfolio Management

Leveraging the immense potential of artificial intelligence [AI], FlourishingAI technology [FAIT] is the most advanced portfolio management solution available for all crypto and DeFi investors. Commingling deep machine learning and an industrial-AI built on a true neural network, this platform seeks to beat the market and provide a sustainable asset growth strategy.

Unlike other crypto portfolio management systems like bots that make decisions based on temporal price movements, FlourishingAI walks the long walk by utilizing early pattern recognition tools to spot and predict the bull, bear, and unexpected market seasons.

To properly manage and predict future occurrences in the market, FlourishingAI, according to a recent press release, scans activities in over 6,800 markets at the same time. It analyzes, judiciously, over 2.8 terabytes of data each week, giving it a complete and all-round view of the market. This further aids in the delivery and execution of trades that are devoid of maximum risk.

That's not all. FlourishingAI has been built across servers from five different regions and it is currently leveraging a processing speed of 12GHz per second. It interacts with over 360,000 users daily as it strives to deliver an innovative crypto portfolio management solution.

Like other crypto projects, FAIT has launched a native token, $AI, which is currently trading live on  PancakeSwap.

Flourishing upLink

A product of FAIT, upLink, according to the founding team, was designed to solve a colossal problem in the DeFi space: A simple, secure point of entry.

Although opening up access to capital to people in the U.S. or other parts of the world, the DeFi space is quite complex and difficult to get into. The conversion of currencies to BNB, the cornerstone token of DeFi, requires registering and connecting multiple wallets to various protocols, and filling out KYC forms on multiple sites, all of which have posed a huge problem to the growth of the DeFi market space.

Recognizing these problems and how they will affect their AI-driven portfolio management tool, Flourishing upLink has been scheduled for  launch.

Slated to go live on February 18, 2022, according to the team, upLink is the incumbent easiest and most efficient on-ramp system in the DeFi space. From the timely, seamless conversion of fiat currencies to BNB (and other tokens shortly), Flourishing upLink will allow users to trade across multiple platforms with the help of an AI-driven diversified crypto portfolio management tool. It hopes to deliver unprecedented access to the DeFi market, while in the process dispelling the existing barriers to entry.

While identifying ways to improve the onboarding process for our users, we’ve discovered that we can create standalone sub-products to our core offering that will provide massive value to the entire crypto market”, CEO of FlourishingAI, Eric Gonzalez speaking to reporters about the launch of this innovative product that will not only accelerate their core offering but will drive the DeFi market to greater heights.

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