The TFC token ecosystem decentralises with the goal of becoming the Bitcoin of football

The TFC token ecosystem decentralises with the goal of becoming the Bitcoin of football

Assessing the progress of cryptocurrency, one can be astounded with the success rate it managed to achieve within the scope of slightly more than 10 years. Starting as a nearly-obscured asset, it is now on the edge of creating a new economic model with no exclusion and complete ownership of the users. Decentralized currency and its underpinning technology, blockchain, have already successfully transformed many industries - from payments to fine art, just to name a few. However, the time comes for a deeper-level upheaval  - a $620 billion-worth sports industry is gradually getting traction on the crypto ground.

TheFutbolCoin (TFC) is a token with over 100,000 holders worldwide that is fast gaining notoriety and adoption in the football community. It is being driven by a fast growing social media application engaging football fans across the world, TheFutbolApp TFA. TFC also recently announced the creation of the TFA Worldwide Association in Zug, Switzerland, where it gifted the majority of the TFC tokens to be shared with the community. The main goal of this TFA Worldwide Association is to educate and sow the knowledge on benefits of the decentralized technology and its applications within the domain of sports and share the wealth of TFC with clubs and worthy causes.

TFA Worldwide Association is unveiled to the world

Initial board members of TFA Worldwide include Shareen Qureshi, the Market Development Director at Barclays Bank who initiated the Barclays FA Women’s Super League 2019, and Stefan Lindemann, former CEO of LGT Fund Management. The former has an extensive history of serving as a liaison to Premier League clubs and owners, while the latter has been a key person at the largest family-owned bank in the world for the past 8 years. The expertise brought by both board members will allow TFA and TFC to effectively take off the ground and establish a strong proposition within the niche.

A significant first milestone has been achieved in this regard. Cypriotic second-division football club ALKI Oroklini has made history by signing David Fadario from Lagos Islanders and paying for it in TheFutbolCoin. The Nigerian U21 international’s transfer would not be psosible without the efforts, creativity, and passion of ALKI’s new board members who took a special interest in TFC.

Meet the TFC ecosystem

Pioneering in building liaison between social media, blockchain and the realm of sports, the TFC token continues to construct the vast economy around it with the intention of being the Bitcoin of football. Some of the notable connections already include Livingston FC of the Scottish Premier League, which recently started accepting payments in TFC for tickets and merchandise. TFC also provides the sole way to purchase non-ads mode in the fast-growing TFA app, with a 4.8 rating in the Google Play app store and on average a 24 min/per activity time.

Additionally, in partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University, Alexander College in Cyprus is now accepting full payment with TFC for the range of their online degrees: BSc in Law; BSc Business Management; BSc Hospitality Management; BSc Accounting and Finance; MBA International.

The already-substantial TFC ecosystem comprises TFA (TheFutbolApp), TFC token used for merchandising and e-commerce, a non-profit TFA Worldwide Association, with the recent addition of its own meme token based on Binance Smart Chain - $PANDA. Its main aim is to mint and trade NFTs based on TheFutbolApp. The token has already gained 10,000% since its soft launch on Saturday on PancakeSwap. More details can be found at

The TFC ecosystem expands at an unpreventable rate. With the recent addition of the TFA Worldwide Association, the project plans to allure other clubs in its network of partnerships across the world. The introduction of $PANDA token broadens the functionality of TFA, as well as attracts the external community to experiment with the project. TFC’s strong growth orientation combined with innovative strategy makes it a strong bet for the upcoming years, for football fans and beyond.

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