The Top Bitcoin Wallets for iPhone


The best bitcoin wallets for iPhone provide features like secure storage, easy access to funds, attractive interfaces, and integration with DeFi and NFTs. Top options include Exodus, Trust Wallet, ZenGo, Edge, and Coinbase. Choose a wallet aligned with your priorities around security, functionality, decentralization, and custodial vs non-custodial storage.

For iPhone users, having a dedicated crypto wallet app provides optimal bitcoin storage and usage compared to only accessing funds through an exchange account. Bitcoin wallets allow you to truly own your private keys, move funds off exchanges, access DeFi apps, and integrate additional features through a mobile-optimized and user-friendly interface.

This article will compare the top standalone bitcoin wallet apps for iPhone in 2023 based on security, functionality, decentralization, and other key factors. Let’s explore the leading options for managing bitcoin on iOS.

How Bitcoin Wallets for iPhone Differ from Exchanges

First, it’s important to understand that bitcoin wallet apps are distinct from cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase and Binance.

Exchanges and wallets both allow buying, selling, sending, and receiving bitcoin. However, exchanges centrally custody funds on your behalf, while wallets give you sole control of your private keys. Wallets enable accessing decentralized services, integrating additional features, enhanced security through cold storage, and escape from exchange restrictions.

Think of exchanges as convenient “brokerage accounts” for simple trading or buying bitcoin, while wallets provide maximal ownership for managing and growing your stash long-term. Using a dedicated wallet app provides the benefits of a standalone bitcoin bank in your pocket.

Now let’s compare leading iOS wallet options.

Exodus – Best for Beginners

Exodus is often ranked as the best iPhone wallet for beginners due to its intuitive design and array of in-app guides. It also offers beautiful graphics and a customizable portfolio display.

Beyond bitcoin, Exodus supports 100+ cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Solana, Polygon and BNB. Unique features include in-app staking, crypto rewards for learning, and 24/7 live customer support. Users praise Exodus for its user experience and educational resources for newcomers.

Exodus provides client-side encryption and other security features, although funds are custodied rather than users controlling keys directly. Overall, it's a fantastic starting place to manage bitcoin in a user-friendly environment.

Trust Wallet – Best for Mobile DeFi

Trust Wallet from Binance focuses on mobile decentralized finance (DeFi) functionality alongside basic bitcoin storage. It enables integrated access and usage of leading DeFi protocols without needing to interact directly with complex smart contract code.

Trust Wallet also supports NFT marketplaces, multi-chain capabilities for assets like BNB and Polygon, and staking of supported coins. By keeping private keys on user devices rather than servers, Trust Wallet provides enhanced security and ownership. This makes it a great mobile DeFi and crypto management companion to traditional cold storage like Trezor or Ledger.

ZenGo – Best for Anonymity

ZenGo wallet emphasizes anonymity through encryption, sharding, and other privacy techniques applied to seed phrases and private keys. No personal information is required during setup. It also offers social recovery options, allowing selected contacts to help restore your account if seed phrases are lost.

Along with bitcoin, ZenGo provides access to other assets like Ethereum, Binance Coin, and stablecoins. Users praise its security model and commitment to maintaining anonymity. The tradeoff is that ZenGo collects more metadata than some competitors. Overall, it’s a solid bitcoin wallet for those who prioritize privacy.

Edge – Best for Active Traders

Edge stands out through advanced charting, analytics, and trading features. It enables easy on/off ramps between crypto and fiat currencies. Users can also earn up to 20% APY by lending assets through the integrated Edge Earn feature.

While Edge offers heightened security through encrypting private keys and providing social recovery options, its focus remains providing active traders with analytics and tools reminiscent of financial apps like Bloomberg or Robinhood. If you take a more hands-on approach to bitcoin trading and portfolio management, Edge is likely the best fit.

Coinbase Wallet – Best for Coinbase Users

Users of the Coinbase exchange may find it convenient to also use Coinbase Wallet for additional security and control. It provides private key access that isn’t available through regular Coinbase accounts. The wallet also enables easy transfers between Coinbase custody and decentralized storage.

Coinbase Wallet supports direct integration with leading DeFi apps and NFT marketplaces. It also offers easy onboarding for those new to managing their own private keys. However, funds remain within Coinbase infrastructure, unlike more decentralized alternatives. Overall, it's a solid hot wallet option for those already within the Coinbase ecosystem.

Choose the Best Bitcoin Wallet for Your Needs

When selecting a bitcoin wallet for iPhone, consider factors like:

  • Security – Select options that align with your preferred custody, encryption, and recovery tradeoffs.
  • Functionality – Do you just need basic sending/receiving or more advanced features like decentralized apps access?
  • Decentralization – Assess how truly independent the wallet is from middlemen and centralized infrastructure.

There’s no definitively “best” wallet for all users. By matching to your priorities for security, features, decentralization, and mobile user experience, you can identify the optimal bitcoin wallet for your iPhone.

Don't Forget Cold Storage

While iPhone wallets provide excellent convenience and features, experts recommend storing large bitcoin holdings in cold storage hardware wallets like Trezor or Ledger. These keep private keys offline for maximum security. Consider using a mobile wallet for some spending money alongside the bulk of holdings secured through cold storage.


Exodus, Trust Wallet, ZenGo, Edge, and Coinbase Wallet currently rank among the top standalone bitcoin and crypto wallets for iPhone. Evaluate their pros and cons based on your priorities. An iPhone wallet optimized for your requirements provides the best experience for portable bitcoin usage, trading, and integration with decentralized services. Always practice good security like enabling device encryption, creating strong passwords, and backing up recovery phrases.

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