Investing comes out with an analysis on top crypto wallet service providers

Investing comes out with an analysis on top crypto wallet service providers

The increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies has led to an increase in the number of crypto service providers in the market. There's no doubt that the increasing number of crypto service providers have spoilt the crypto users for good. But, at the same time, almost every crypto user is confused when it comes to choosing a crypto wallet. It was bound to happen as one has to wade through a long list of crypto wallet service providers to select the one that's perfect for them.

Can we blame the crypto users for being confused while selecting a crypto wallet service? After all, the safety of their crypto holdings depends upon the crypto wallet they opt for. Recently, Investing came out with an analysis on top crypto wallet service providers, where they explore the top 5 crypto wallet service providers globally. They compared the features of each of the top 5 crypto wallets in their analysis.

A Robust Approach

A robust approach is a must to identify the best crypto wallets available. One should rate them in terms of a variety of features, such as beginner friendliness, customer support, features, security, and much more. A comparative analysis of crypto wallet enables one to determine the pros and cons of each of the crypto wallets. In their analysis of the top 5 crypto wallet service providers, their author picked the crypto wallets that came out on top at the end of their in-depth comparative analysis.

The top Five

Investing selected Crypterium, Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet, Mycelium, and Jaxx wallet as the top 5 wallets in their analysis. Crypterium was selected for its unique approach to coin storage via its crypto banking feature, along with its insured cold storage solution. Coinbase made it to the list because it leverages the vast Coinbase ecosystem and its support for ERC721 tokens.

Trust Wallet made it to Investing's top 5 crypto wallets list as it has established itself as a perfect option for DeFi operations. On the other hand, Mycelium found a place because of its integrations with Trevor and Ledger, which grants Mycelium an added layer of security through cold storage. Jaxx was selected for its versatility and Changelly and ShapeShift-powered instant exchange.


The crypto industry is growing at a rapid pace and many new users are joining the crypto bandwagon on the behest of the current crypto bull run. There will likely be confusion among the new users joining the crypto industry because of the plethora of crypto wallet service providers in the market today. An analysis that cuts the clutter and lays down the top 5 crypto wallets will help alleviate their confusion. It will make it easier for new crypto users in selecting the best crypto wallet as per their preferences. Selecting one of the top five crypto wallet service providers is far easier than selecting one from hundreds after all.

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