TheFutbolApp (TFA); A New Digital Currency Ecosystem for Football Fans

TheFutbolApp (TFA); A New Digital Currency Ecosystem for Football Fans

In search of making the football fan experience better, TheFutbolApp (TFA), is creating a new economic ecosystem for football fans across the world. Recently, TFA announced the launch of the TFA Worldwide Association, based in Zug, Switzerland to further the adoption of its TFC token.  

Sports events are slowly going back to normal across the world – fans slowly easing back to the pitches, courts, and sporting venues to cheer their favorite athletes – after a torrid period during the pandemic. However, the rise of fan tokens, NFTs and other blockchain innovations has eased the pain by giving fans a chance to directly connect to their teams and players.

Across Europe, a number of top teams including FC Barcelona, Manchester City, AC Milan, and Real Madrid have introduced fan tokens to provide a digital channel to pay for tickets, merchandise, get rewards and offer other utilities in a bid to better the fan experience.

TFA Worldwide Association launches in Switzerland

TheFutbolApp, a mobile application available on iOS and Android, is an innovation aiming to provide “a single platform allowing players, coaches, clubs and fans to engage in the digital activities surrounding football”, its website states. The app creates a simple and powerful way for the football community to connect by forming a transactional payment and digital economy around its TheFutbolCoin (TFC) token.

As alluded to, TFA launched the TFA Worldwide Association tasked with managing half of the supply of TFC to ensure the football community benefits most from the token. According to a statement from the team, Shareen Qureshi, Market Development Director at Barclays, will lead the Association board members alongside Stefan Lindemann, the former CEO of LGT Fund Management – the largest family-owned bank in the world.

The two have immense experience in football, finance, and the community. At Barclays, Qureshi served as a liaison to Premier League clubs and owners improving the Premier League to standards associated with it today. The Association will allow TFA and TFC to enhance and reach its goals in the field of social networking, blockchain, and the economy built around the native TFC token.

TFC provides the only way for fans to purchase merchandise, tickets and operate within the TFA app and gives advertisers a channel to pay for advertisements on the app.

TFA enters multiple partnerships across Europe

TFA has taken a step forward in European football and other sectors, partnering with some of the upcoming clubs such as Livingston FC of the Scottish Premier League. The football club recently announced they are accepting payments in TFC from fans for tickets and merchandise. The Association is currently in talks with other football clubs across the world.  

The Association is also broadening its reach to universities. TFA recently entered a partnership with Alexander College in Cyprus (part of Canterbury Christ Church University) to accept full tuition fees in TFC for five of its online degree courses.

A new light for TFA users with PANDA token

Over the past few months, TFA has witnessed gradual organic growth, registering a 4.8 rating on Google app store and every active users spending an average of 24 minutes per day on the app.

One of the factors attributed to the growth of the TFA app is the introduction of its meme token, PANDA token, on the Binance Smart Chain. The token is used to mint, sell and purchase NFTs available on the TFA app. Since its launch, the token has witnessed exponential growth – boosting over 100X since its soft launch last week on Pancakeswap.

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