Theta Labs’ releases Edgecast with World Poker Tour

Peer-to-peer decentralized video platform Theta Labs announced that it will offer a true end-to-end decentralized experience for users, content producers and video platforms through the introduction of the Theta Edgecast beta. The launch marks the culmination of Theta's efforts to offer a fully-developed decentralized video platform that rewards consumers, reduces the cost of using a content distribution network and provides the creators of content with the freedom to select a fully scalable platform to build on.

World Poker Tour CEO Adam Pliska commented,

We’re thrilled to offer our 24/7 WPT content to the THETA Edgecast as part of their exciting new product launch. Users can now watch WPT over the first fully decentralized video network built on blockchain.”

According to Mitch Liu, co-founder and CEO of Theta Labs, since Theta's first move back in 2017, the development of a decentralized platform had been the company's core concept in firm’s long-term prospects. It's now the time to introduce the platform to users.

He said,

In essence, we’re giving people a preview of the future, and an opportunity to experiment with it today...Our core thesis was to build a fully decentralized video infrastructure that would drive more benefit to each key stakeholder in the video streaming value chain. We believe content creators and consumers should have the choice to use whichever video platform they feel they benefit the most from.”

Theta network-powered dApp Edgecast is fully developed on Theta’s peer-to-peer video blockchain technology, currently containing over 2,000 edge nodes worldwide. Following Theta’s goals, decentralization will play a key design role for all entertainment and video businesses.

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