TokoVerse by Tokocrypto To Promote Blockchain Startups. Collaborates with Avarik Saga to Tap into GameFi Projects

TokoVerse by Tokocrypto To Promote Blockchain Startups. Collaborates with Avarik Saga to Tap into GameFi Projects
Photo by JESHOOTS.COM / Unsplash

Tokocrypto, the leading Indonesian digital assets exchange is rapidly expanding its operations beyond a place to exchange cryptocurrencies. Its TokoVerse venture is designed to assist various startups and build crypto communities to not only empower the industry but people as well.

In its latest efforts to execute its plans, it has partnered with the fastest growing 2D role-playing blockchain game  Avarik Saga.

A Hub for Crypto

Tokocrypto, although starting out as an exchange, has evolved to include much more. Today, it is a hub for blockchain education and a news portal for the latest happenings in the industry. The platform keeps in close coordination with different SoutheastAsian blockchain communities, public and private sector universities and even the Indonesian government itself.

The first firm in the country to be registered with the Trade and Futures Exchange Ministry (BAPPEBTI), Tokocrypto’s TokoVerse is an all-inclusive blockchain ecosystem that supports the industry through means and initiatives such as:

  • T-Hub: An offline community hub for people, both programmers and users, to come together under one roof.
  • TokoMall: An NFT marketplace where artists willing to embrace the digital revolution and people wanting to get their hands on the unique tokens can find each other.
  • T-Launchpad: A one-stop launching platform for blockchain startups looking for a safe and secure environment to being their decentralized journey.
  • TokoLabs: Incubating and accelerating the best and most potential projects from Indonesia and bringing them to the world stage
  • TKO: The Toko Token acts as a medium of exchange within the broader TokoVerse and Tokocrypto services and offers benefits such as fee discounts, airdrops and merchandise redemption.

Talking about how the TokoVerse can help mature the decentralized industry in the Southeast Asian country, the CEO of Tokocrypto Pang Xue Kai said,

“The blockchain landscape is still very young, we need all the collaborations we can get. In the past 2 years, we have seen the word crypto turned from a really foreign sounding word, to a word that rhymes with innovation and financial inclusion.”

The Avarik Saga Connection

GameFi is an emerging concept that has exploded last year. From merging financial and money management with games, the GameFi sector has enabled millions of people around the world to generate new means of income, all the while playing games.

One of the largest blockchain based games in Indonesia, Avarik Saga is built after being inspired by successes such as Axie Infinity and its ability to help people from middle and lower economic strata to gain financial freedom. The Avarik Saga team builds upon this to offer an even more affordable GameFi platform that is best suited for Indonesians and its popularity has made it the most playable decentralized game today.

Pang Xue Kai elaborates on the mission of Avarik Saga and how it fits with what TokoVerse intends to do,

“’s a matter of empowering and supporting people who are paving the way, like Avarik Saga, to open the door wider, and the rest will follow with even more game changing innovations.”

Meanwhile, Kevin Cahya,  CEO of Avarik Saga, talked on how both platforms can benefit the Indonesian crypto landscape,

“We believe that our partnership with Tokocrypto, being the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in Indonesia with the biggest cryptocurrency community, will allow us to tap into Tokocrypto’s community and work together to educate Indonesia’s gaming market about cryptocurrency,”

With both teams of TokoVerse and Avarik Saga working towards a mission that includes a massive adoption of cryptocurrencies and engaging both the authorities and the public through community-centric activities, the partnering up not only helps the Indonesian people but also gives Avarik Saga access to an evermore enthusiastic community. At the same time, TokoVerse’s move into the GameFi sector gives them the very edge they need to have more people engaged and educated while giving them more exposure on how to lead better lives with the financial opportunities offered through blockchain gaming.

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